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Today, I am unsuccessful in extracting the logs of some deleted jobs in sm37 as all the below possibilities didn't work for me.

  1. I thought the table TBTCO contains the details of all the job logs even of those which are deleted with a column maintained as "Deleted" but unfortunately, I didn't find that,
  2. I thought I could extract the details of the deleted job logs from scu3 transaction wherein I gave my table and see if I can get any records with Deleted status. But the trace is not activated on these tables, unfortunately,
  3. I thought the spool of the job SAP_REORG_JOBS contains the details of all the deleted jobs and tried to see the same but it just is showing the detail of what all jobs got deleted without any detail on the details[you read it right!];

... and I have become unsuccessful in extracting some older job logs which were highly required for me now ;-(

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