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Product and Topic Expert


The aim of this blog is to unravel how ''Batch determination is conducted directly in EWM system and asynchronously Batches are updated in ERP delivery documents.

Batch management is deployed primarily for below reasons.

  • For Traceability, usage of  Real batches (Inventory managed) or Documentary batches(Non Inventory managed) can be used.


  • For recording the characteristics of batches like SLED(Shelf Life Expiration Date, Country of Origin, Status of Batch and Production date) in Warehouse and delivery documents


  • In earlier version before EWM 9.2, first Batch entry was  created in ERP which is the leading system and later batches were updated asynchronously in EWM.


  • From EWM 9.2 and ECC 6.06 SP13 / ECC 6.07 SP06 the following option is also available: if the Switch CIF_SWFS_BATCH_INT in the Business Function LOG_SCM_EWM_INT on ECC side is Active, then CIF transfers the used Batch Class and Type and these are stored on SCM side in the Product Master (so not in the standard Classification table) •  EWM can use this information to create the first Batch already with characteristic values.

Even EWM can work without any classification system, in this case SAP ERP only transfers the characteristics as batch selection criteria to SAP EWM. In the example explained below, we are not transferring any characteristics from ERP to EWM.


Activation of Batches in SAP ERP


Batch activation is Material level or at client level before SAP EWM 9.40. We have used activation at material level.

Now, in SAP EWM 9.4(SAP ERP 6 Enhancement Pack 6) and higher version, Batch can be activated at Plant level, consulting note, 2221258 - Integration of SAP EWM 9.40 and higher to a Batch on Plant SAP ERP System.


Modus Operandi of Batch determination in EWM

Determine batch in outbound process during Warehouse Task creation in EWM and asychonoulsy update batch in ERP.



Configuration and Prerequisite:


All ERP batch management customizing is available in T code OCHA.


  • Activation of Batch in ERP



  • Activate Automatic Batch Determination in SD

Activate Automatic Batch Determination for Delivery Item Categories


Integration Customization.

Logistics Execution-->SAP EWM Integration--->Basic Setup of Connectivity-->Configure SAP EWM-Specific Parameters



Note:->The flag "Batch Determination in EWM" field T340D-BATCH_DETERM_EWM, is set for the warehouse 150 ensure that  no ''Sales Batch Determination'' occurs in ERP.



Customization in EWM

  • Extended Warehouse Management-->Cross-Process Settings-->Batch Management-->Define Number Range for Batch


  • Number range should be internal



Avoid Automatic Batch Split for (Picking) Confirmation


Extended Warehouse Management-->Cross-Process Settings-->Define General Settings for Parallel Processing and Performance



  • If indicator "No Split" is ticked. This indicator determines whether an automatic batch split of a delivery item is carried out during picking WT and posting change confirmation.


  • If it is blank ' ' (Space) then,  a subitem for the batch of the picking WT is created and the batch is written on the subitem, in case of full quantities as well. As a result, if batch split has happened, cancel pick deletes the batch split item and only the main item remains, which is not batch relevant.


Set Update Control (Centralized, Decentralized)

It is mandatory settings required to create the first batch in EWM, maintain the customization in table /SCWM/TBATCHUPD



● It is recommended to use value as 3​ by SAP.
● SAP consulting note 2569979​(Batch valuation does not exist yet, message
/SCWM/BATCH047 in /SCWM/WM_BATCH_MAINTAIN), 1875500(Asynchronous batch
replication from EWM to ECC not possible)
● This settings ensures asynchronous batch replication from EWM to ECC.

Set Control Parameters for ERP Version Control

  • Extended Warehouse Management-->Interfaces-->ERP Integration-->General Settings-->Set Control Parameters for ERP Version Control




  • Batch Management in the Outbound Delivery


Extended Warehouse Management-->Goods Issue Process-->Outbound Delivery-->Batch Management in the Outbound Delivery


Assign the document category Outbound Delivery Order PDO. Other fields are non mandatory but it can be used.


The batch selection criteria in EWM cannot be changed at all and it is transferred from the outbound delivery in the ERP to the PDO in EWM. So it is always greyed out.
However, for specific requirement an enhancement can be done using  BAdI

->SCWM/BT_BATCH_SEL - Determine Batch Selection Criteria and transfer to the Batch Search to
change the selection criteria.The BAdI uses the interface /SCWM/IF_EX_BT_BATCH_SEL.
Using this, the user can select batches, that do not meet the selection criteria.




Master data required.



  • Batch-managed material with assigned batch selection class and characteristics is created.


  • Corresponding stock in batches with the required characteristics is available

  • CIF the material from ERP to EWM without selecting any class/ characteristics. Combination should be Product/Batch only in CFM1.






Process Flow chart of Batches movement from EWM to ERP



  1. Create a delivery against a Sales order in ERP.

Upon saving the delivery in ERP,  it is distributed to EWM system. It can be observed that Batch field is till not filled.



2​) Go to EWM system, logon to Outbound delivery request /SCWM/ODR : Delivery is activated in EWM system and the batch field is still empty in ODR.


3)​ Go to /SCWM/PRDO - Outbound Delivery -> Maintain Outbound Delivery Order and check the
outbound delivery. Create warehouse task from Follow on Function



Note:​It can be seen that batches with stock is appearing in Tab( Stock that can be removed).



Now, click on Create+Save button. Warehouse order will be created


4) ​Check the Warehouse order in Monitor screen, and it can be seen the Batch is picked in W​T.


The picking of batches has followed FIFO rule because of setting in Storage type search.In standard SAP EWM, sorting of storage bin is done based on Goods Receipt Date and Time.
So, batch 0000000118 is picked considering FIFO rule.

-->In EWM standard, the GR date is always a combination of date and time.
So if sorting is conducted by field WDATU, it will always include the time.





5) Confirm WO.




6) ​Check the delivery in ERP. Batch number has been updated in Outbound delivery


Hence, the batch number is updated in ERP delivery from EWM.



Storage type settings Impact with Batch Management in EWM

There are 2 settings in storage type which impact the picking and movement of batches in EWM system

● Batch neutral
● Batch specific


1) Batch Specific ​-''Blank'' Available Quantity:



Check the Monitor screen for storage type 5001



--->There is batch 0000000114 stock in storage type 5001, storage bin 01-01-01


Try to create a Warehouse task by moving Product from one storage type to another storage type by



Batch is picked during Warehouse task creation if setting is Batch Specific and batch managed materials can be moved from One storage type to another.



2) Batch neutral Setting:
Take a storage type where Available Quantity of Batches is set 1- Batch neutral.



Try to create Warehouse task by ADPROD, system behaves differently
Note:​-​ ​Batch is not picked during Warehouse creation and system gives error, So, always try to keep‘’Batch Specific’’​ setting in case of Product which is Batch Managed else warehouse task will not be created for batch neutral settings.



Hence the process of Communication of Batches from EWM to ERP is replicated. I will wait for readers response if any correction or improvement is required to make this blog more useful.



Best regards

Shailesh Mishra
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