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Hi Experts,

This is my first blog in SNC and I had successfully created a document on the SNC Basic settings related to the Master data (Plant etc ) Maintenance and now I would like to focus on the Transactional data transfer from a ERP system to a SNC system via a middleware component SAP PI (Hope u guys aware of SAP XI/PI) :smile: and my scope of this blog to clarify how an end to end process is happening from Sender ECC to Receiver SNC system via an PI Interface.

And also I am trying to focus on ASN process and PO Collaboration and also above Design and Configuration of Complete Interface as I involved in the SNC and as well in the PI side.

Now dealing with the Transactional data Transfer from customer ERP to Supplier Web UI.


For Instance:  Purchase Order (PO) Collaboration .A Purchase order is initiated from a Sender ECC System (say Customer ERP System) to a Receiver SNC system (supplier system) and in turn its connected to a web UI (supplier Portal).

PO Collaboration;

  ECC 6.0  ------- SAP PI ------SNC 7.0

The communication between ECC and SAP PI happens through IDOCS. Here ORDERS.ORDERS5 Idocs are taken for Example.For that ALE settings need to be maintained. (Logical systems, RFC Destinations,Port ,Partner profile) between SAP ECC and SAP PI.

Idocs are Intermediate docs which carries the Business data between SAP to SAP sytems .In ECC Side ,Under T-code : WE02 we can able to view the Idoc list. In PI side, we can able to view in SXMB_MONI  and the PO content (IDOC's)  is converted into xml message by PI and transferred to SNC via a PROXY call.

Proxy communication used in this Interface is not explained briefly, As its complete PI Technicality

There are lot of connectivity settings has to maintained between PI and SNC to transfer the data. Also the SNC objects can be directly imported into PI and BASIS team will perform this activity and Now we can able to view the SNC component with version in PI too.


And you can able to view the Idocs name and RON sequence. The below SS shows the SNC ( PO Processing) component in PI.

  • Purchase order will be created in the Sender ECC system(Functionally customer ERP) as from PI point of view. The customer creates a purchase order in the ERP system. The ERP system transfers the ORDERS.ORDERS05 IDoc (which we had used in our Interface) to the customer's SAP PI System. The SAP PI converts the IDoc into an IDOC XML message of type  ReplenishmentOrderNotification (RON), an Outbound Service Interface (SI) in the name RON will be imported in PI and that (SI)  transfers it to SAP SNC.

  • The next step is Display purchase order (SAP SNC).
  • Again is there any PO change ,then Create or change purchase order (customer's ERP system)
  • The customer creates another purchase order in the ERP system, or changes an existing purchase order. The ERP system transfers theORDCHG.ORDERS05 IDoc to the  SAP PI system. The SAP PI system converts the IDoc into an XML message of typeReplenishmentOrderNotification (RON), and transfers it to SAP SNC.
  • Display updated purchase order (SAP SNC)
  • And our SNC system is connected to a web UI and suppliers will have the login to view the Purchase order and Once the confirmation made it has to send back as response back to PI via SNC.
  • The Web UI transfers an XML message of type ReplenishmentOrderConfirmation  to the SAP SNC system.
  • The SAP SNC system transfers an XML message of type ReplenishmentOrderConfirmation (ROC) to the SAP PI system, (Inbound Service Interface is imported in PI in the name “ ROC” )which converts the message into the IDoc ORDRSP.ORDERS05 and transfers it to the (Sender ECC) customer's ERP system.

Advanced shipping Notification Process :

The below SS is the imported SNC component in PI , which shows the ASN process
workflow cycle.

ASN Overview :

  • When the material or goods is ready for delivery, the supplier can publish an Advanced Shipping Notification (ASN) in his ERP system. In our Interface ,we didn’t used an ERP system to send advanced shipping notifications, so we had created them in the Web UI.  The Web UI transfers an XML message of type DespatchedDeliveryNotification (DDN) to the customer's SAP PI System, via SAP SNC.

  • Now the (ASN) Advanced Shipping Notification is published in Web UI ( Our Supplier’s Portal)

As like in the below SS , In Web UI.

  • Received  ASN  and update the purchase order in SAP SNC.

  • The SAP SNC system transfers an XML message of type DespatchedDeliveryNotification (DDN) to the SAP PI system ( DDN  Service Interface ), which converts the message into the IDocDESADV.DELVRY03 and transfers it to the customer's ERP system.

  • Received the (ASN) advanced shipping notification  in the customer's ERP system via SAP PI.
  • Then once it got received ASN and then post goods receipt in the customer's ERP system.
  • Then the similar process which we had seen in the previous steps, SAP PI system converts the IDoc into an XML message of type ReceivedDeliveryNotification (RDN Service Interface in PI ) transfers it to SAP SNC.
  • That’s the completion of full cycle, To display goods receipt information in SAP SNC.

So by this I had completed the End to end ECC -- PI --SNC Integration of  Purchase Order collaboration and Advanced shipping Notification (ASN) with PI as Middleware component and Experts if i had missed any SNC Functionality plz excuse me :smile: , as I shared my SNC - PI Integration experience which i had gained through an excellent opportunity in my career. :smile: . Also I  hope that  I had answered some of the queries asked related to PI -SNC Integration and also focused on ASN.

Thanks for your valuable time for being gone through this blog ,Also I had worked with release process,So let me try to write on those too.

With Regards,

Karthick Dhanush