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In this topic, I will try to explain collectively transferring stocks.You can also click on the link to watch the video of the relevant content.

Stock uploading is a situation that we will face in almost every EWM project. So knowing this process makes our work quite easy.We can easily transfer all stock information to the system in a single transaction even if there are very large warehouses.

First of all, we should create the batch number of the materials we will stock in the system.To do this, we need to use the MSC1N transaction code.

After producing the batch, you have to check the handling unit number ranges.

After providing my controls at this stage, we need to prepare the excel format you see below.

For Excel, you need to fill in the following fields:

Post Type

Material Number

Owner/Owner Role

Batch Number


Entitled/Entitled Role


Handling Unit Type

Storage Bin

Packing material

Handling Unit/Top HU


When saving the file we need to save it as csv. After saving, we need to go to /N/SCWM/ISU.We need to open this page to upload the excel file we prepared.

In the opened page, enter the warehouse number data, then select the excel file we have prepared and save it up.After clicking on the option we need to see the following screen.

We have successfully completed stock transfer process.This process may take a long time to load. So we need to make sure that we do all the steps right.

I hope that this document can be beneficial.

Best Regards,

M.Oktay Ceviz

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