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It is impossible to speak of product innovation and enterprise mobility in the energy sector in an IoT environment without also considering the role of advanced analytics, data storage, enterprise applications, and security and compliance across the supply chain. Mobile applications can better engage and empower consumers and field service workers. Meanwhile, through those applications along with new sensor-data sources, data is unlocking the potential for numerous insights and capabilities: predictive maintenance, alternative clean energy sources, dynamic pricing models, optimization, safety and resiliency, and enhanced business continuity.

Imagine the possibilities: Arctic Wind finds its Internet of Things soulmate in SAP and Fedem Technology. See the Video:

Arctic Wind: Solving Arctic challenges at the world’s northernmost wind farm

The World Economic Form agrees.

The Climate Project is using the World Economic Forum platform and network to spur greater action against climate change, and ensure that business, governments and civil society work together to meet existing commitments. How can companies, governments and civil society work together most effectively to meet these commitments?

There is unprecedented international support to address climate change in support of commitments to Sustainable Development Goals. CEOs from 79 companies and 20 economic sectors signed on to support the initiative. With operations in over 150 countries and territories, together they generated over $2.1 trillion of revenue in 2014.

But, first – begin with a plan:

SAP Integrated Business Planning is SAP's platform for real-time and integrated planning

  • Built on SAP HANA (High Performance Analytic Appliance), utilizing HANA’s Analytical features to the maximum.

  • Goals: Deliver integrated, unified planning across sales and operations, demand, inventory, supply and response planning, as well as the supply chain control tower for dashboard analytics and monitoring.

  • Delivers a paradigm of user experience and efficiency, real-time dashboards, advanced predictive analytics, interactive simulation, embedded social collaboration and Microsoft Excel-enabled planning tables.

Five modules Available include: Sales & Operations (S&OP), Demand, Inventory, Response and Supply, and Supply Chain Control Tower. The embedded memory in HANA enables both Real Time Analysis and Simulation capabilities.

Showcase Examples: Two Hydroelectric power plants gaining valuable insights to optimize and improve operational efficiencies.

Dommelstrom Mobile leverages IoT and SAP Hana to achieve the following for better engagement and informed decision making:

  • Real time analysis of hydroelectric plant productivity

  • Visualization of plant performance during different time periods

  • Access to the latest news about the power plant

  • Available for iOS and Android devices

Meanwhile, a hydroelectric power generation utility in Romania, Hidroelectrica reduces TCO by over 50% with SAP ERP.

Consolidated the work of 13 legacy systems, integrated energy trading, energy production, maintenance, investments, logistics, financials, and HR processes into one integrated system.

Aligned more than 80% of the critical processes of asset management and production planning and trading with best practices

The Industry Thought Leaders and Analysts at SCM World agree that digitization is a disruptive factor when it comes to the entire supply chain. Register to learn more Disruptive Digitization and the Future of Supply Chain

Getting started with a roadmap: Companies today are planning their digital journeys:

Transforming business models, Reengineering business processes, and reimagining work.

SAP road maps highlight innovations that may help you plan and implement your digital journey. They span products relevant to lines of business in your industry and explain how our innovations may add value to your business.

Tune in Live Wed, Jul 18 to hear a Customer Story --> Register

Nature’s Way’s journey with SAP Integrated Business Planning began in 2013 as customer #12 on the planning solution (then called S&OP on HANA). Join Dustin Demmin, (Nature's Way IT Director), as he shares that journey from selection to full adoption. Topics to be covered include managing change and the pace of innovation, leveraging a proven approach, lessons learned and business outcomes. Learn how to maximize the value of SAP IBP for your organization
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