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Hello All,



I am working as SAP EWM Consultant and i have enjoyed reading all the blogs posted by experts in the area of SAP EWM.

Now I am writing my first blog post on SAP EWM for the inbound process using RF screen in SAP S/4 HANA Embedded EWM version 2020 with POSC & LOSC setup configuration steps.


Configuration steps  for POSC :

Path : SPRO->IMG->SCM Extended Warehouse Management->Extended Warehouse Management->Cross-Process Settings->Warehouse Task->Define Process-Oriented Storage Control


  1. I am using External step "YIPW"  & "YIUL"  which is already present in  the standard SAP

   2.  I define the warehouse number ,select the Unloading (YIUL ) step and assign the warehouse process type T365 ( copy of Y365)



3. I define the storage process YI01(Unloading & Putaway)  for my warehouse AND1


4. The external steps YIUL & YIPW are assigned to storage process YI01 and is linked to my warehouse AND1. Unloading step is set as Auto.WT creation and for Putaway product /HU warehouse task option is selected.

This Completes the POSC setup.


Configuration in LOSC and WPT

Path : SPRO->IMG->SCM Extended Warehouse Management->Extended Warehouse Management->Cross-Process Settings->Warehouse Task->Define Layout-Oriented Storage Process Control

  1. I define source,destination,intermediate storage types along with intermediate storage section and intermediate storage bin and the warehouse process type T351


2. In WPT T351 we provide the Source storage type T910 ,Bin GR-zone and Storage process YI01

Test the Case using RF in FIORI


  1. We select the inbound process (Purchase order and inbound delivery of ecc is already created and distributed to SAP EWM. )

2. Receiving of  Handling Units option and then Receive by Delivery

3. Enter the delivery and press enter again


4. Copy the HU from the list which was already pack before coming to EWM and press enter again

4.  Verify all the details and press enter

5. Complex unloading cannot be handled by Unlo button, we go CrWT button the WT gets Created in background and  will get ticked, later click on Conf button.

6.Now we check the monitor dashboard of Fiori and there is one warehouse task created from Door   to GR Zone


7. We scan the Destination Bin by copying the destination bin and entering in the box( In the handled RF it would be automatic)

8.Unloading and Goods Receipt would be completed as shown below and in monitor screen you can see based on the LOSC setup the task is  created to intermediate storage type and final putaway task is in waiting status "B" and intermediate task is open.

9. I confirm the intermediate warehouse task in Monitor only and last warehouse task to final bin is open now which i will complete it using RF as per queue generation.

10. We go through system guided option and scan the HU as shown below and enter then scan the destination Bin and press enter

11. The final  warehouse task gets completed and we can see in monitor the final status of warehouse tasks is completed .


Conclusion : This shows via RFUI the user need not navigate to multiple screens and instead via RF menus can  user can finish the full process easily.


Please let me know your feedback on same  , any queries , anything you want to highlight , kindly  let me know in comments section.

Thanks Happy Blogging!! SAP EWM ROCKS !!  🙂

Darshan Desai
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