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This is a quick overview how we can address additional reporting requirements that are not covered within the Warehouse Monitor using the built in S4 reporting capabilities.

There is the obvious Warehouse KPI Fiori App available as of 1909


This may address a lot of requirements right out of the box however there is actually a way to build your own apps.

The data that is exposed within the app is coming from pre-built Hana CDS views that SAP started delivering over time.

Reading through this may help you to understand the content of the KPI app better. But it is also serving as the foundation to quickly built your own reporting apps.

For this you will need access to Fiori and a user with Role “SAP_BR_ANALYTICS_SPECIALIST”

Depending on your release there might be multiple obsolete apps showing that got combined into a single App “Manage KPI and Reports” which is available as of 1909 and is your one stop solution to build your own Tiles.

Via the role you get also access to a CDS viewer

Search for EWM, filter on Status ‘Released’ and Data Category “Query” and you can see the main objects available for reporting, ODO, Warehouse Order and Task. Inbound Delivery, Production Material Request and Transport Unit are not yet available.

The CDS views define what data and key figures are available.

Spending some time with the CDS views helped better understand the functions of the delivered EWM KPI Fiori app and from there it was just a small leap creating my own tiles with tailored reports.

The Manage KPI app is fairly straight forward and described with an example here

Custom CDS views may be added with help of a developer enabling more insight into utilization of Bins in a Storage Type, Cycle Counting and Physical Transportation and maybe around Transportation Units which are not covered yet out of the box.
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