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Supply chain control tower (SCCT) enables supply chain professionals to navigate, analyze and profitably manage their supply chain in real time. It creates an end to end visibility of the supply chain along with a real time integration with SAP data sources. It also has the option to drill down to detailed order level information. Finally the best part is the configurable analytics, alerts and case management.


  • Ø Increase on-time delivery performance to customers
  • Ø Decrease the overall inventory levels while reducing risk
  • Ø Reduce supply chain cost
  • Ø Increase supply chain agility


  • Unlike BI/Analytics solutions, SCCT offers alerts, analytics, task & case management capabilities.
  • Social collaboration (JAM) is embedded throughout the application. This allows a collaborative approach, allowing people to share & discuss before taking a decision
  • Unlike other control tower offerings such as Kinaxis, e2open or GT nexus, SCCT are connecting supply chain planning & execution.


  • Ø It has a tight integration between planning & execution systems
    • It can connect with legacy SAP, APO, BI or ERP
  • Ø Smart alert & exception management system
    • Smart logic to detect alerts/ exceptions
  • Ø Case management tool to process alerts and exceptions effectively
    • Track progress of cases/ issues
    • Facilitates collaboration with other experts
  • Ø Analytics capability
    • Strategic & operational Analytics
    • Dedicated performance management – KPI based
  • Ø What-if simulation & Integrated Supply chain Monitoring
  • Ø Increase on-time delivery performance to customer
  • Ø Decrease overall inventory while reducing risks
  • Ø Increase supply chain agility and reduce supply chain costs.

SCCT Capability summary – Visibility & Monitoring

Dashboards & Analytics                                                              Network Visualization

SCM related KPIs                                                                       Cases/ Tasks

User defined alerts & impacts                                                     Simulation in Excel

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