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Former Member

I was reading the recent posts on this Integrated Business Planning forum. Most of the post is related to Error Messages. Noticed that understanding the Error messages is the challenge, requires patience to understand it.

Sample of a error Messages as below

1) IBP Version 4.0 FP 1: While Opening planning views from a template from Excel-UI get's message An unexpected error occurred. Try again later. If the problem persists, report the error ID e94b3cf5-c6c8-4b84-a3f8-f8218b38d12b to your system administrator."

2) IBP Version : While loading Master Data from Web-UI

getting message "Failed to launch second integration phase

For batch ID 545, data processing unsuccessful in SAP HANA. Contact your administrator. Reason: S2PRODUCT_TEMPLATE.csv."

Request to product development team to make the Error messages more user friendly, easy to understant and to resolve it takes less time.

All the best for the IBP functional and Technical team to understand the Error messages and take corrective action on it!!!