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On TM implementations sometimes you need to select FU stages on your transportation cockpit based on fields that are not available as selection values in the additional selection attributes, using condition base filtering. On this example I will describe a selection for a Z field in the TRQ, but the same logic could also be extended for other standard objects as well.

This post complements what is described on the SAP note 2384474 - TC: How to use Condition-based filtering in additional selection attributes.

In this example you add new fields to the TRQ (fowarding order), and these fields should be considered as a selection criteria for FUs.

First you create an additional selection attributes in your selection profile (remember that this selection profile must be assigned to your transportation cockpit profile)

Here the "Filial Viana Armazém" profile has the "VIANA ARMAZÉM 0044" as selection profile for FUs

The selection profile "VIANA ARMAZÉM 0044" has "VIANA" as additional selection attribute

,and that is how the condition-based values tab should be set

Remember to use condition type /SCMTMS/TOR_GENERIC and this is how the condition should be set

You must create a class for your DAD on your condition to access the data.

Now when you execute your transportation cockpit, the FUs are selected accordingly.

I hope it helps!
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