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As we know SAP Field Service Management is built to make Technician’s life easy when he is working on site. There could be scenarios where technician finds additional issue/fault during his service period. To report this to planner technician needs to capture the issue/fault along with other technical details. Later send the information to backend in case of integration scenario.

Let us name such scenario as ONSITE Finding.

In this blog post, I would like to explain how to add “Onsite Findings" Notification with respect to Wind Turbines.

In FSM there is an option called checklist for a technician to create an ONSITE finding. Technician will have to search the current Turbine Structure of the Wind Turbine he is working on, and the relevant information from the checklist will be transferred to the back office for further Process. The Checklist can be filled immediately or even in the future.

NOTE:  onsite findings is for failures detected on the same wind turbine, not on others.

We can categorize the Onsite findings execution steps into 2 parts

1.Creating Onsite Findings Checklist Template in FSM cloud                                                      2.Filling an Onsite Findings Checklist in SAP Field Service Management

1.How to create Onsite Findings Checklist Template in FSM cloud

Step1: Open FSM cloud and select Smartforms and Feedback

Step2: Select Template and create new category and new template for the Checklist


Step 3: Upload the zip file of the exported Template Package


Step4: Now the Checklist will be updated, open and release the checklist to activate

2. How to fill an Onsite Findings Checklist in SAP Field Service Management

Step 1: Technician navigates to the checklist screen. Activity -> ‘+’ -> Checklist.


Step 2: Technician will select the Onsite findings checklist

Step3:  Now he will fill the checklist with required details like date, time, Functional location, Failure mode and click on Submit

Step4: After the synchronization the data which is entered in the Onsite Findings checklist can be transferred to the backend by making the relevant enhancements.

In this Blog post,

We have seen how to add Onsite findings Template in FSM cloud and How a technician creates Onsite Findings checklist in SAP Field Service Management Application.

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