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While trouble shooting it is not uncommon for any APO consultant to find that the entire issue was triggered due to missing orders in planning book.

And sometimes it is really hard to conclude if the order were deleted by a batch job or a user manually.  If this deletion happens more often then you need to get pin-point the reason.

In this article we will take a look on how we can activate trace in Livecache and log the details. In this article we will create, modify and then delete a planned order in Planning Book and try to log these activities using Livecache tracing.

Step 1: Activate Livecache Tracing ( tcode : /sapapo/om22 )

Here you can details level be traced and restrict the trace to set of function Modules , Users and T-codes. You can also define the duration for which you want the trace to be active as this can be affect system performance.

Step 2: Here I manually create a planned order of 100 CS then modify to 200 CS and Finally delete it.

Step 3: Deactivate Trace : Ensure that the
trace is deactivate either automatically as per the time maintained in field “Deactivated
By” in tcode /sapapo/om22 or manually.

Step 4: Display Trace log using Tcode /sapapo/om21

Here you can see that there are 2 entries with create and 2 with delete.  A modification of planned order had generated two entries first for deletion and second for creation.

To see details of these logs you need to click the function module name and the parameters IT_ORDERS which stores the GUID of the order as well.

I Have been little generous on restrictions while activating the trace however I would only recommend using this technique if you have exhausted all your options while troubleshooting.

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