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Skipping the process chain is necessary when process chain is in failed status(appear as red) but in job log is completed(SM37).So basically it has completed the functionality but somehow went into failed(red) status. Because of this subsequent chains won’t be triggered. This process makes the chain Force complete and triggers the subsequent steps.

Process Chain:

Inside the Process Chain we can see program block “Transfer Factory Calendar” is in Red status.

Analysis Observations:

We have to investigate the status of the chain in SM37.

Do a right click on the failed process block and click on “Display Messages”.

We can see the job log by clicking on the tab “Backg”. Here it is clearly mentioned like Job finished. For confirming it from SM37 screen click on “Batch Monitor” button.

SM37 Job status says Finished .Thus ideally all factory calendars are transferred and functionality is completed. But the process chain somehow became red in colour because of which subsequent steps are not triggered. Since the process chain follows sequential processing it is quite necessary that we have to override (People calls it as Skip, which I feel is very ideal here) the failed block which in turn will trigger the following process blocks.

Note: Skip is advisable only if you are sure that the process block has achieved the necessary functionality.


Do a right click on the failed block and click on “Display Messages”.

All chain related information’s are displayed here.

Note: Instance ID will be generated in production environment.

Open one more session and go to SE11.

Put the database table name as “RSPCPROCESSLOG” and click on display.

Click on the contents button.

Enter the respective parameters as mentioned above on the selection screen.

Note: Remember to blank out the Maximum No. Of Hits.

Once done click on execute button or F8.

Data browser is displayed and selects the entry by checking the check box left side and click on choose button (F2).

Note: Key the entry in RSPCPROCESSLOG table. As long as there is only one entry for the date we are pulling record from the table that’s fine. But if there are more than 1 entry then consider entry with latest time stamp.

All the chain related information’s required for processing are available now.

Go to SE37 and enter function module “RSPC_PROCESS_FINISH” and click on execute.

Mark the respective parameters and enter STATE as ‘G’.Click on execute button.

Since Instance ID is a mandatory parameter it will ask for a new value. Make it as blank and click on save button.

We can see the success message on the status bar as above.


We can see process chains appear as green and subsequent chains started running.

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