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This blog will show the steps to make PPF (post processing framework) action functionality configurations and technical sides for transportation management module.

Let's continue with the explanation, assuming that the reader has the basic knowledge about PPF output functionality and SAP TM.

You can go to SPPFCADMPPF: Administration transaction code for the first part or you can go to the SPRO transaction code and make configurations by following the path below.


-> SAP Customizing Implementation Guide
-> Cross-Application Components
-> Processes and Tools for Enterprise Applications
-> Reusable Objects and Functions for BOPF Environment
-> PPF Adapter for Output Management

---> Maintain PPF Settings
---> Maintain Output Management Adapter Settings


Maintain PPF Settings and PPF Administration


Select the /SCMTMS/TRANSPORTATION row for TM adaptations from the PPF Applications customizing table.

In the Customizing and Configuration window, we perform the following steps.

-> Define Action Profile and Actions
-> Condition Configuration (Transportable Conditions)

Define Action Profile And Actions

If you do not already have an Action Profile, we first create a new one.
On the screen that opens, we enter with CHANGE and click NEW ENTRIES.
After writing our name and description

Context Class -> /BOFU/CL_PPF_CONTEXT

After creating Action Profile, we can define Action.

Click on the Action Definition tab.

On this screen, we define our new Action by entering with CHANGE and clicking NEW ENTRIES.
After entering our naming and description, we edit it according to our needs.
With Processed At, it is possible to set whether the action will be triggered manually or after the document record.

After defining Action Definition, open the Processing Types 
Fill in the form information and type that we want to be triggered.


Condition Configuration (Transportable Conditions)

On the Condition configuration screen, choose the wanted Action Profile, on Scheduling of Actions tab choose one of the defined Action Definitions that displayed on the right side. New condition definitions can be added here.

When Action Definition is selected, on the sub tabs.

Overview -> Action Definition general information

Processing Details -> Communication Method can be edited,

You can choose Print for output or, and Internet Mail can be selected for the definitions for sending mail output.

For the printouts, settings such as printer and how many copies will be taken can be made from the Printer tab.

In addition, for the actions it needs to enter the printer information in advance so that it can be processed automatically.

Schedule Condition -> The tab where we check in which case the action will be scheduled, fills itself with the default implementation.

Start Condition -> The tab where we check in which case the action will be triggered, fills itself with the default implementation.


In cases where we want to put a custom control for both Schedule and Start, an implementation can be done.

BadIs to be used with sample implementations for Schedule and Start respectively.

Maintain Output Management Adapter Settings

In the Maintain Output Management screen, Agent can be defined and assigned an Action Profile.

In the Action Settings tab created Action Definition can be added.

Expecting it to be added with the properties defined before.

Output Control

Enter the Output Management tab in Freight Order.

Follow the Generate -> List of Actions path, Action List can be seen.


One of the common functionalities in SAP TM is send the email with the attachment of a PDF or just print the output when an action is executed in Output Management. This can be done with the PPF action configurations similar to the solution from NACE transaction for the modules like SD/MM.

We learned, how to make configurations for PPF Actions and how to make it technically.
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