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In this article, I will tell you how to get information via e-mail when the tasks or processes created by SAP Cloud Integration for Data Services (CI-DS), which formerly known as  HANA Cloud Integration (HCI), are terminated successfully or unsuccessfully.

What is SAP CloudnIntegration for Data Services (CI-DS)?

As companies become more complex and technologically biased, the focus is on having an integrated environment that includes providing customers with local and on-demand solutions. SAP’s Hana Cloud Integration is a PAAS (Platform as a Service) integration software that provides solutions by running between two or more applications. It enables companies to securely integrate their cloud applications into their business environment. In order to provide a unique connection between SAP applications, SAP provides a set of pre-configured content for SAP to SAP integration.

Now let’s see how we can receive the results of the task or process executed through SAP Cloud Integration for Data Services (CI-DS):

First of all, we connect to our CI-DS system through our browser. Then, we click on the section that says “ADMINISTRATION” as seen in the photo below.

After clicking on the section that says “ADMISTIRATION”, we click on the tab that says “Notifications” from the tabs under it. After performing this process, you should be greeted by a page like the one below.

After this field is opened, we enter the e-mail addresses that we want to receive mail in the field that says “Send email notification to:”. When we want to add more than one mail, “;” We should use the sign.


After entering the e-mail addresses we want to receive mail, there are 2 optional fields to be checked under the part that says “Notifications Type”.

The first of these fields is to send mail when task or process is successful, and the second is to send mail when task or process fails.

After the mails are entered, the fields are checked optionally, and then the changes are saved by clicking the “Save” button under it.

After performing the above-mentioned operations, if the task or process ends successfully or unsuccessfully, an e-mail like the one below will be sent to the e-mail address you added.