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in Transportation Management, we use the Transportation Cockpit. in many implementation, it is required to add addtional custom fields to the Transport Cockpit. the below pcitures Show the steps that are required to add 2 custom fields to the freight unit stages view of the Cockpit:

PICTURE 1 summarizes the 6 steps that are necessary to add custom fields to the cockpit:

  1. Identify the Ui structure (place where the fields have to be added via append)

  2. Enhance the UI (how to add the fields)

  3. Identify the web dynpro component (this is the Name of the component that represents a screen or part of a screen in floor plan Manager)

  4. Add new columns to the screen area (this is to Show the fields on the actual screen)

  5. Identify the viewexit (the place where you can fill the fields using codign logic)

  6. Enhance the viewxit (add coding to the viewexit)

PICTURE 2 - How to identify the correct ui structure

STEP 1: go to SE84
STEP 2: Choose WebDynpro + Componenent configuration
STEP 3: Enter /SCMTMS/PLN for the Cockpit

PICTURE 3 - How to identify the correct ui structure (ALTERNATIVE)

The System Shows node ui structure /SCMTMS/UI_PLN_FU_SHP. This is the structure where you canadd the custom fields via append. Btw, the ui structure for the Fu item area on a hierarchy is /SCMTMS/S_UI_TBI_H_FU.

If you have set Parameter FPM_CONFIG_EXPERT as X, you can go to component config from any Sap Business Client or netweaver BC screen by choosing "Show configurable Areas" on top Right of the screen" and click on "hammer Icon".

PICTURE 4 - How to add the custom fields to the ui structure

STEP 1: TC SE11 - go in Display mode of the ui structure

STEP 2. press "APPEND"

STEP 3: write the field names into field component and the data element in the component type.

STEP : Activate the structure


PICTURE 5 - add the fields on the screen using webdynpro CONFIGURATION

STEP 1 - go to web dynpro config using steps described in Picture 2 or 3

STEP 2 - Choose additional function "Create Customizi" and give a title "enhanced FU area for customer xyz

STEP 3 - Scroll down and choose "add column"

STEP 4 - at the very bottom of the field list, you will find the custom fields

STEP 5 - choose them and  they will be placed at the end of the list

STEP 6 - you can Change the field description , length and sequence in properties

All Customizing can be removed by "delete Customizing". This is really configuration.


PICTURE 6 - View the new fields in the cockpit

STEP 1 - go to sap Business client

STEP 2 -type Transport-Cockpit

STEP 3- choose a profile combination and press continue

RESULT. The custom fields are added on the screen

PICTURE 7 - identify the viewexit

STEP 1: Note FBI view for this is /SCMTMS/PLN_FU_SHP

STEP 2: go back to se84 and Display the viewexit name

PICTURE 8 - Fill the field Content using coding

STEP 1 - enhance viewexit  class /SCMTMS/CL_UI_VIEWEXIT_PLN_NEW

CONCLUSION: The layout of the Cockpit can be configured and custom fields can be added.


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