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I am pleased to present a technical article focusing on the topic of FIORI Catalog Tiles Error Messages, accompanied by an exploration of the SAP Fiori Apps Reference Library.

In the event of encountering error messages while accessing a tile within the FIORI App, kindly adhere to the following set of instructions.

Presented herein is an illustrative instance of an error pertaining to the Business Partner Master Data tile.

If you encounter the subsequent error message upon attempting to access a FIORI tile, then there are 2 possible causes for this:

  • Gateway is inactive.

  • Folders were lost during an upgrade.



Comprehensive information regarding the UI component and corresponding OData services can be sourced from the SAP Fiori Apps Reference Library.

How to use Fiori apps reference library:

Purpose of the SAP Fiori Apps Reference Library,

  • The Fiori Apps Reference Library Offers Comprehensive Installation and Configuration Information for Fiori Apps

  • Use of the Fiori Apps Library facilitates the process of searching and exploring Fiori apps that align with our distinct business needs and prerequisites.

  • Use of the SAP Fiori Apps Repository for Installing and Configuring Standard Fiori Applications

  • The repository classifies applications according to Line of Business, Industry, and Roles, enhancing user-friendly exploration.

  • Furthermore, it seamlessly interfaces with other SAP tools, including SAP Fiori App Recommendation Analysis, SAP Product Availability Matrix, and the SAP Maintenance Planner. This integration empowers customers to effectively discern and strategize the installation of required applications.

  • Fiori developers leverage the Fiori Apps Reference Library to identify extensibility points within Fiori applications.

Step1: Go to Fiori apps reference library. Click on SAP Fiori apps for SAP S/4HANA. Click on All Apps to find the number for Fiori apps available.

In the search box, search for Business Partner to find apps related to Manage Business Partner Master Data.

Go to All Apps and Enter FIORI Tile name and then select tile and select SAP S/4 HANA version.

The business role pertaining to 'Manage Business Partner' is delineated within the product features.

Alternatively, you can identify the appropriate role by referring to the 'IMPLEMENTATION INFORMATION' section and subsequently scrolling down to the 'Business Role(s)' section.

Navigate to the 'IMPLEMENTATION INFORMATION' section and proceed to scroll through the 'Configuration Overview.' Within this section, you will find technical details pertaining to the UI and OData services.

Step2: Verify the operational status of UI services in the SAP Transaction SICF ('Edit HTTP Service Hierarchy') to confirm the activation status of the respective service.

Enter Service Name

The 'md-bps1' service will appear grayed out in the event that the associated service is not active.

Engage with the BASIS team to initiate the activation process for the pertinent UI and OData services.
Additional Note: Find relevant Fiori App using Transaction Code TCode from Fiori Apps Reference Library

Within SAP's extensive Fiori Apps Library, comprising thousands of applications, the task of identifying the corresponding Fiori App for a specific transaction can, at times, pose a challenge. But, with the correct technique, you will be able to find out all the Fiori apps that are created for a particular transaction code using the well know Fiori Apps Library.

Steps to follow relevant FIORI App,

  1. Go to Fiori Apps Library.

  2. Select SAP Fiori Apps for SAP S/4HANA from the left-hand side panel

  3. Now, select All Apps

  4. In the Search field, enter the Tcode (for example Transaction Code BP) and hit enter

  5. You will see Fiori Apps relevant to the TCode entered by you.

Reference: SAP Fiori Apps Reference Library (

I extend my gratitude for taking the time to read this article. I sincerely hope that you find value in its content.
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