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Primarily in any WMS transformation project scanning solution is still one of the cheapest and faster method of deployment. SAP EWM supports standard GS1 128/EAN128 barcode type. Often, we work with GS1 barcode labels. This blog gives an understanding of the SAP EWM configuration aspects, Zebra MC33 Device settings and technical details.


Sample Business scenario:

To make the inbound process smooth we have the requirement to use vendor SSCC labels to avoid printing labels and in case the pallets are not labelled, then SAP EWM should print the SSCC labels for scanning. To receive Vendor SSCC labels the vendor labels should be also have GS1 standard SSCC labels with ]C1 prefix.

Process Flow:

SAP EWM configuration:

  1. SSCC HU number ranges-

Path: SPRO>SCM Extended Warehouse Management>Extended Warehouse Management>Cross-Process Settings>Handling Units>External Identification>SSCC Generation Acc. to EAN128>Define Number Range Object for SSCC


Assuming the company is using EAN128 which means it has a unique ILN Basis number (International Location Number) or else you must request ILN number from UCC or EAN International.

2. SSCC Generation for each Warehouse-

Path: SPRO>SCM Extended Warehouse Management>Extended Warehouse Management>Cross-Process Settings>Handling Units>External Identification>SSCC Generation Acc. to EAN128> Maintain SSCC Generation for Each Warehouse Number


You define an SSCC using a basis number of an International Location Number (ILN) and a number from the number range object. The total length of these two numbers must be 17 characters.

Example, for warehouse number 0001, you entered a basis number of ILN 11234567 and chose to begin with this number. You are using the internal number range interval 01 from the number range object /SCWM/SSCC. This generates the number 123456789.

Your SSCC is 112345671234567890. The system assigns 0 as the check digit.


Note: The field HUIDENT in table /SCWM/HUHDR is having value of 20 CHAR, therefore system adds zeros in prefix while saving in database.

3.Maintain Bar code specification.

Path: SPRO>SCM Extended Warehouse Management>Extended Warehouse Management> Mobile Data Entry> Maintain Bar Code Specification

Assigning the AI type to Warehouse

SAP EWM Transactional details:

  1. Let us check the ‘Receive HU by Delivery’ option

If we see the logical transaction and step using Ctrl+shift+F1

2.Open the screen painter,

Check  the screen field for HU

Note :In RF configuration, we can see the validation profile for field VLENR the barcode transalation FM is /SCWM/RF_EAN128_SPLIT_VALID for RH**** logical transactions

For this step RHUSL we have the PAI FM- /SCWM/RF_REHU_HU_SEL_PAI

In this FM- we have the barcode decode perform being called

If we check this FM in SE37, we can find standard decode FM- /SCWM/EAN128_DECODE

3.According to GS1-128/EAN128 configuration for decoding the barcode system needs prefix ]C1

To enable ]C1 in MC33 Zebra device we can use the below settings in default profile and DW DW Demo profile:

MC33 Device:

Profile: DW Demo


Device settings:

Data wedge > barcode input main settings>Configure scanner setting> scan params>barcode input > code id type > code id type aim


Note: GS1 128/EAN 128 have the prefix ‘]C1’ this is different than Code 128 barcode which have the prefix ‘]C0’.  Hence while building barcode please use correct barcode type.

4.Scan an external GS1 128 1D Barcode-



Where (00) identifier is for SSCC and (15) is for Best before date


Scanner adds prefix ‘]C1’ in the string

In debugging mode,

we can see the IT_BARCODE field is populated with the scanned barcode string with ]C1 prefix

And the FM decodes the values of SSCC and BBD

The decoded GS1 SSCC number shows in HU field in RF.


Please add comments and suggestions to improve the content. Thanks for reading.


Best Regards,

Y K B B Rudra Narayan
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