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With SAP S/4HANA 2022 the first delivery of Maintenance Service took place which allows Customer Service (CS) customers to start moving into the new world of S/4 HANA Service “reusing” well known functionality from PM/CS but also move into new commercial processes of S/4HANA Service. More details can be found on the official SAP help pages.

Customers starting that journey from CS connected with SAP Field Service Management into S/4HANA Maintenance Service are faced with the question if the existing integration between CS and FSM based on the FSM Cloud Connector will work after performing the processual changes into Maintenance Service.

The answer to this question is “yes, it will”. Starting with the FSM Cloud Connector release SAPK-20008INS4PACG the Maintenance Service process based on the integration between S/4HANA Service and Maintenance Orders is supported. To find out about the supported features please check out the FSM Cloud Connector Release pages.

As per S/4HANA Release 2022 the provided SAP Best Practices processes & features are supported. Details can also be found in the official connector documentation.

  • Corrective Maintenance Order (SAP Best Practice 6AU) - process of maintaining the technical objects whenever a breakdown or failure occurs. This process could start with or without a quotation.

  • Preventive Maintenance Order (SAP Best Practice 6F1) - creating a service plan in SAP S/4HANA, as well as creating schedules and service orders. Corrective Maintenance Order is the follow-on process for furthering processing the maintenance service order.

  • New approach to Business Partner
    In both processes Business Partners are not stored in Maintenance Order. They are linked directly to Service Order (look at the Corrective graph above). This solution is caused by specific process flow for Preventive Maintenance Order where Maintenance Order  was created as first with empty BP. Summarizing, now BP are transferred from Service Orders to the FSM and Maintenance Orders in this area are skipped.

  • Connector processes working with Maintenance Service
    For now basic functionalities of the FSM Cloud Connector are working with the Maintenance Service process. Messages which are connected with happy flow process is available seamlessly:

    • Releasing service order with activity

    • Reserved materials (for now only is possible to add Reserved Materials on Operation level)

    • Time efforts

    • Mileages

    • Expanses

    • Smartforms

    • Goods movements

    • Checking out

    • Feedback codes

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