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FSCM Credit: Getting External Credit Information from Credit Agencies

SAP S/4HANA Finance Cloud for Credit Integration is a solution running on the SAP Cloud Platform which may connect our SAP FSCM Credit Management system to external credit agencies.

With the standard HCP credit integration solution, we can search for the Credit agency ID of a customer, import new Credit reports for a customer, monitor of updates, and receive these updates about the changed credit data of Credit Customers (Business Partners). Updated or Changed values, such as the rating, the industry or the legal form, may automatically update the Business Partner.

Technically, an option also to be explored is the ability of importing data and updating values for any Business Partner data field for which the Agency may provide data for.

The Credit integration solution is launched from the Credit Profile tab of the Business partner in the SAP FSCM Credit Management system.

Please, note that any screens in this document are from a test system. Screens and tabs are configurable and may be different to your system. The functionality described is for reference purposes only and may vary depending on client configuration and system and platform versions.

Description of functionality

Calling for External Credit Information for a new “non-rated” Business Partner (External Credit Agency Identification number not yet known or maintained).

The main transaction code to display Master Data for a Business Partner is UKM_BP.

Under the “Credit Management” Role, select under “General Data” the tab for “Credit Profile”.

Credit Information from an External Credit Agency can be called by selecting push button “External Credit Information”:

A call to the Hana Cloud Platform is performed.

A system Authentication message may be issued:

The Name, Address and Identification details of the Business Partner are now passed to the Cloud Platform.

A screen will open on a new Browser window for “Manage Credit Reports for Business Partner”.

Select “Find ID” to launch the “Find Business Partner” screen:

At the “Find Business Partner” at the Credit Agency screen, you may edit the selection options to refine your search. You may use Registration identification numbers, Address details like Postal code or City etc.

Note: The search is performed at Credit Agency and Business Partner Country level.

Search with “Find”:

Results for the search criteria for the Business Partner will be returned by the Credit Agency:

By selecting the search result returned that matches the SAP Business Partner, two further options are now available:

“Assign to Business Partner” and “Assign to Business Partner and Order Report”

  1. “Assign to Business Partner” option:

Under “General Data” tab “Identification”, the External Credit Agency Identification number is now updated:

Note: If the Business Partner is already under processing by another user (BP is open in “Change” mode in SAP), then an Error message may be issued:

(You may need to try again).

  1. “Assign to Business Partner and Order Report” option.

Select to “Import”

In SAP, at Business Partner Credit Management Role level, the Business Partner has now been Updated with the new External Credit Agency Information Under Tabs “Credit Profile” and “Ratings”:


Back to the HCP Portal (browser window), there is now a new message Icon on the low left corner of the page:

Select the message, to display the status of the Ordered and Imported reports:

Select the further information option:

You may now display the Credit Report by selecting the “Display Credit Report” option:

This will take you to the “Manage Credit Reports” page in a new Browser window.

A PDF version of the Credit Report will be available for viewing and download.

A “Show XML” option is also available in the top right corner of the browser window:

The XML display will be in a new browser window.

Using the “Back” browser option you may go back to the “Manage Credit Reports for Business Partner” page.

An option is available to “Update Business Partner Manually”:

This option will update Credit Related information from a selected Report to the SAP Business Partner Master data fields.

As a default, the following information is being updated:

  1. Rating for the business partner as provided by the credit agency

  2. Legal form

  3. Business partner identification number

  4. Industry code

  5. Date founded

On the HANA Cloud Platform Portal, the “Home” selection will take you back to the Credit Reports / Credit Reports Administration page:

Main App is to “Find Business Partner –At Credit Agency”. By selecting we have the ability to further select the Credit (Rating) agency that we have a contract with and then to retrieve the related Credit Report Details:

Further options to “Manage Credit Reports” are as described in detail above.

Hope this helps.


Georgios Sofianos

SAP Specialist FIN-FSCM

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