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During the various implementation project I have worked in SAP TM, we have encountered questions from various customers about how SAP handles multi pick up and delivery functionality for bulk ocean booking scenario. Based on this I have decided to post a content on the process flow and set up required to execute this process:

a) Process flow-This process is valid only for bulk shipment ( for both shipper and LSP scenario) with multiplke loading and unloading ports since the scenario is related to multi pick up and delivery.Let us consider two shipments from same shipper are loaded together in Germany at port of loading and then discharged/unloaded at different ports and finally delivered to two consignees in USA.Thus in this case the two bulk shipments ( say two FU i.e FU1 and FU2)  from same shipper ( say shipper 1) are loaded in same pick up freight order ( FO1) and same ocean freight booking ( FB1) at POL ( port of loading in Germany).

Now the cargo items are then unloaded at the relevant ports ( POD-Port of discharge) i.e FU1 is unloaded at port of Miami and FU2 unloaded at port of Boston.The cargo is now shipped to two different consignee locations ( CU1 and CU2) by using two different delivery FO ( FO2 and FO3)

b) How SAP handles this:We have the enhanced functionality in SAP TM 9.1 which handles the above scenario since this functionality is only supported for ocean freight booking without consolidation ( i.e port to port shipment). Below enclsoed are the settings to be made in the freight booking:

i) Tranport mode category should be 3 and FB for multi PU/DL should be M as highlighted below:

ii) Consolidation settings are P at both source and destination

iii) Web dynpro application configuration should be specified as /SCMTMS/FRE_BOOK_OCEAN_BULK in the corresponding FB type.

iv) In order to create the multipick/delivery bulk ocean freight booking quickly from the forwarding order tab, maintain the relevant FB type as default document type for main carriage stage of forwarding order as highlighted below:

v) Based on config iii, we have now the overview screen available with new fields for laycan start and laycan end dates as hown below:

c)Test steps:

i)In order to plan the bulk cargo movement as per the scenario, we navigate to tranbsportation cockpit and select the corresponding transportation requirement/FU in the FU screen.Since there are 2 FU, FU1 and FU2 so different loading and unloading locations will be screen in the cockpit

ii) Select the pushbutton-Create freight document from the FU screen after selecting both FU1 and FU2.

iii) FB gets created initially and can be viewed in the FB screen and the relevant details can be  seen in the overview screen in the lower half of the right side quandrant.Here details about respective FU, loadinga nd unloading locations along with lay dates are also available.Important crago details are also displayed here.

iv) We can also create a worklist for multipick up/delivery scenario by creating a new queries based on intermediate stops ( by setting both locations for source and destination location checked)

Will appreciare feedback on this document and award points if useful