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The purpose of this blog is to check how the Embedded S/4 Hana SAP EWM (2022) behaves when the EWM warehouse is linked to multiple Plants and the Party Entitled to Dispose (PED) is maintained for one of the plants at EWM Warehouse number control.

(Client – FMCG Industry) (Product - Fruit Juice in Tetrapak)

Definition of Default PED:

As seen here, SAP suggests to not maintaining the Default PED when EWM warehouse is linked with multiple plant codes in ERP.

Definition of Party Entitled to Dispose from SAP Help

In our example, EPG1 warehouse in EWM is linked to 2 Plants: PG11 (Manufacturing facility in Berlin) and PG99 (Distribution Centre in Berlin).

Two S/4 HANA Plants linked to one EWM Warehouse

They both use the same physical space for their warehousing needs and are part of the same parent company, based out of Germany.

Product 25015 (Real Fruit Power Mixed Fruit Juice 1L) is manufactured in PG11 and stored in PG99, before final dispatch to supermarket stores, distributors, wholesalers and retailers.

So, the 2 plants are created in SAP S/4 Hana as Logical Entities but physically they have the same address and use the same warehouse space (EPG1).

50001 – Business Partner for Plant PG11

50015 – Business Partner for Plant PG99

Since, we can only store only one BP in Warehouse Number Control, we store 50001 as PED.

Test Scenario:

Inbound Documents:

  1. For Plant PG11, Product 250015

PED in Delivery Document for Plant PG11

2. For Plant PG99, Product 250015

PED in Delivery Document for Plant PG99



Although SAP suggests to not maintain the Default Party Entitled to Dispose in case of multiple ERP plants linked to same EWM warehouse, even if we maintain the BP for one of the plant – at documents level, the system takes care of populating the correct PED per the plant owner.

Any guess, where does EWM read this Plant - PED assignment from to populate in the documents as seen above. Please post a comment.

Thank you for reading, please feel free to add inputs and also give suggestions on how to bog better 🙂
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