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After logging into IBP Excel add-in using SAML Connection and "Remember me" option flagged, SCI window to enter other user credentials is not prompted anymore.


The automatic logon information is stored under IE browser cookies of each computer, then you will need to perform the following steps in order to login with new credentials using SSO in IBP Excel add-in:
1) Go to Internet Explorer => Internet Options => General tab => Browsing history session => "Delete..." button
2) Check the "Cookies and website data" before clicking "Delete".
3) After closing Internet Explorer, and opening Excel again, the IBP plugin starts to ask again for the SCI email address and password information.


4) Alternatively, if still does not work, please delete the cookie files manually following the steps below:
a) Windows: Start menu ---> Run: shell:cookies (Windows explorer opens the "C:\Users\[your username]\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCookies" folder). Alternatively, the keyboard shortcut Windows key + R can be used to open the 'Run' application. Before the next step, consider that your saved passwords will have to be reentered.
b) Delete all files found in the opened folder.
When logging in the Excel add-in, the log in screen will show again, empty.


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