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You can maintain text in Delivery either in Header and Item then send text to EWM or vise versa.

In this blog I will explain how to set up this function for Inbound Delivery, but Outbound delivery can be applied the same.

SAP Version in my Blogs S/4HANA 1909 - Embedded EWM.



General Idea is that you use the same Text Type/ Text ID in both ERP and EWM.

One side you assign Text Type to ERP Inbound Delivery Type. Another side you assign same Text Type to EWM Inbound Delivery Type.

I - Customizing in ERP

Define Text Types

IMG: Logistics Execution > Shipping > Basic Shipping Functions > Text Control > Define Text Types

You can create new Text type here, but I use existing one "WEWA".

Then Select Display Delivery Header.

Go to Textprocedure > Text ID's in Textprocedure, I use the Text determination procedure "05", and add Text ID "WEWA" here.

Note the Access sequence number 25 as I assigned here.

Next, go to Access sequences > Access sequence for Text ID's, I use the Access sequence 25 that I assign in the last step.

Next in Text procedure assignment, assign Text determination procedure "05" to Inbound Delivery type "EL"


II - Customizing in EWM

First check what is current Text profile that is assigned to Inbound Delivery Type

IMG: EWM > Goods Receipt Process > Inbound Delivery > Define Document Types for Inbound Delivery Process

Now assign the same Text Type to this Text profile.

IMG: EWM > Cross-Process Settings > Delivery - Warehouse Request > Text Management

1. Define Text Types for Document Header

I use the existing one WEWA

2. Define Text Profiles with Access Sequences

Create Access Sequences > Define Access Sequences: Assign Text Type WEWA to Sequence INB_PRD_0001

Define Text Profiles: Assign Text Type WEWA and Sequence INB_PRD_0001 to Text profile /SCDL/INB_PRD, this is the profile that assigned to Inbound Delivery Type.



Create Inbound Delivery and add Text in header.

Tcode: VL31N

Check Inbound Delivery that is created in EWM


You can see the text is also distributed with Inbound Delivery.

You can also test when create ERP Inbound delivery without Text, then add text in EWM Inbound Delivery then text is send back to ERP Inbound delivery in the same way.



Issue: Text Conversion error when transfer text from S/4 Delivery to EWM Delivery, text mark as ###...

Analyze: When typing text in another language that not EN, text may includes Unicode characters, but RFC connection is set up to read Non-unicode characters only and mark Unicode characters as #

Solution: Change Communication Type as Unicode when set up RFC Connection.

Test: Non-unicode setting
Test: Unicode setting



Thanks for your reading.

Van Dang



EWM Text Management
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