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In this 21st century accurate and efficient communication between departments build trust within the organization and it also enables to improve operational efficiency. As in that organizational communication part, sales department expect packing slips information through mail from the warehouse department so that they can communicate prompt information about shipment with customer, finally it will lead to the customer loyalty.


As we know, in SAP-EWM standard, once we do PGI of the Outbound delivery, we can be able to print the packing slip of that delivery, but if the same information needed by the cross departments like sales and Finance, so we must opt for emailing of the packing slip. if it is going to happen automatically it will be added advantage to the business. SAP-EWM has the capability of doing so with Post Processing Framework (PPF).

We will try to understand the Auto Email of packing slip through below steps:

  1. PPF Action Set up.

  2. Define Conditions for PPF action.

  3. Maintain Condition Record.

  4. Testing


  1. PPF Configuration:

1.1) Define Action profile and Actions for the application.

IMG > SCM EWM > Extended warehouse management > Cross process settings > Delivery-warehouse request > Actions >Change Action profiles and Actions > Define Action profiles and Actions.



Application: /SCDL/DELIVERY

Action profile: /SCWM/FDO_01

Action Definition: /SCWM/FDO_01_PRINT


Here copy standard Action definition: /SCWM/FDO_01_PRINT and create custom Action definition as below ZSCM/FDO_01_EMAIL_XXXX.


Now we will see this custom Action definition in detail.




Now click on processing tabs change as below.



Here permitted processing types of action would be – Smart Forms mail with default check box is ticked.


And the form which I am using is the custom Z form for packing slip information, and processing class also custom processing class which is copied from standard object type name- /SCW/CL_PROCESSING_SMARTFORM.

Processing method is EXEC_SMART_FORM_WITH_TEXT.



2)  Define condition for PPF action.

IMG > SCM EWM > Extended warehouse management > Cross process settings > Delivery-warehouse request > Actions >Change Action profiles and Actions > Define Conditions


Select our custom action definition changes as per below settings.





Click on Processing details tab and enter


Receipt Type “: Internet address

Address:  Group email id which are assigned to the group of recipient’s mail ids (Whoever wants to receive this packing slip as E-mail)

Active Mode: Mail only.




3) Maintain Condition records.

SAP easy Access > Logistics > SCM Extended warehouse Management > Extended Warehouse Management > Delivery Processing > Actions > /SCWM/DLVPPFC- Maintain condition Records for PPF schedule conditions.





Maintain condition record with combination of your warehouse numbers, action definition and document type as above.


Maintain this Group E-mail ID  in SCOT transaction.


4) Testing:

I have processed  one outbound delivery and PGIed as below.


Click on OD and click on PPF tab.


In above screen we can see clearly , Packing slip print and that same Packing slip inserted in Mail . our Packing slip Email Action also triggered.





Email copy of the packing slip as shown below and Packing slip PDF also attached to it.


Content of a mail can customized in our Z program.


Conclusion:  Through above Email- PPF functionality, you can send pick list, pack list and Warehouse tasks information via E-mails.


You can go through following link to know more about PPF actions.

Thanks for your time and please do comment on this blog.



Rohela Khan.




























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