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I have been investigating the issue of traceability using RFID in SCM for the last one month in order to formulate my thesis topic as a part of my studies. Please share your insights and suggestions on it. Here is the part of my proposal.

The development of RFID technology enhanced tracing, tracking and monitoring solutions in supply chain management and logistics. Unlike bar code system, it does not need line of sight for object identification. RFID sensors can render real time information during tracking, tracing, monitoring and control of environment (such as pressure, temperature etc) during the movement of goods or in supply chains. However integrating this technology with enterprise application system facilitating real-time data processing or aggregation to provide timely and accurate information to various stake holders in the supply chain(like managers, supervisors and workers ) is a challenge. It is mainly because of the event driven nature of RFID signals, and complexity of integration between RFID data and business handling. It also requires sophisticated processing of events such as processing and analytics on the fly. Until now various stand alone turn-key systems are used which lacked full scale integration with OLAP systems. The latest of innovation from SAP called SAP HANA supports this kind of complex event processing providing scope for real time data analysis with a further scope of predictability analysis in a supply chain scenario.

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