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ABC/XYZ segmentation is a method that helps business/planners to plan the product portfolio effectively. Segmentation is a proven methodology that consists of different principles/rules used by planners to group the products having the same planning objects.

The business/planners also often want to know the previous ABC-XYZ segmentation to understand product performance in the market in terms of revenue and sales volatility.

This blog post will explain the configurations or settings required to publish the previous segmentation results, current segmentation run results, and also if there is any change in segmentation values between two ABC/XYZ segmentation runs.

The below Picture gives the details of current ABC-XYZ segmentation, Previous segmentation values, and Segmentation change status in the same planning view template

To achieve the above requirement, we need to create below model entities

  1. Assign two Z-attributes in MDT and maintain in the Planning Area(assign to planning levels) >Previous Segmentation                                                                                        >Segmentation Change Status

  2. Create Three Key figures as shown in the below picture

  3. As shown in the below picture define the Current segmentation key figure calculation.

  4. Previous Segmentation is a stored key figure as shown in the below picture. This key figure copies the values from the Current segmentation key figure using the copy operator.

  5. Key figure-Segmentation change status gives us the information about the changes in the segmentation values and if the segmentation is locked then that information also will be determined using the key figure definition as shown in the below picture.

  6. Configure a copy operator which copies the previous segmentation values with a period-shift of 3 months( In this case if the business run the segmentation profile every quarterly)

  7. Configure a Previous segmentation (ABC-XYZ) profile as shown below. This profile will populate the previous segmentation details to attribute-Previous Segmentation in the product MDT

  8. Below ABC-XYZ segmentation will determine the ABC XYZ values based on the current product performance.

  9. Based on the difference between the current segmentation and Previous segmentation values, the below profile (ABC-XYZ) segmentation will determine the segmentation changes. These changes will be populated into attribute Segmentation change status in the product MDT.

  10. Create a job template and create four steps.

  • Copy the Previous Segmentation values using the copy operator (Step6)

  • Maintain the ABC-XYZ profile which will determine the current segmentation (Step7)

  • Maintain the ABC profile which will determine the previous segmentation (Step8)

  • Maintain the ABC profile which will determine the Segmentation changes (Step9)

11.Execute the job on view the results in the planning view

Conclusion: By configuring the above steps, the business will be able to see the previous segmentation of a specific product and can compare and analyze the previous segmentation results with the current segmentation results. This will help business to analyse the specif product behaviour in the market and understand the performance of the product at a specific location in terms of both sales volatility and Revenue. With these results, the planners can take quick decisions during the planning cycles.


Thank you
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