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Advance Planning and optimization or simply SAP APO is a netweaver product which has wide range of application  in the planning process  at the ERP world. Recently we had an implementation of APO  for  a wood processing industry.  The modules were DP and SNP. The challenge was to identify the roles and finalize the authorization control plan.  After a series of meetings with client at onsite and APO consultant  we concluded on the following point.

1. The authorization has to be based upon planning book, The authorization object is C_APO_PB

2. The roles of users are the following


  1. Collaborative  Forecast Planner
  2. Common Stock  Planner
  3. Consignment  Stock Planner
  4. Convert-to-Order  Planner
  5. Demand  Planner
  6. Demand Planning  Key User
  7. Forecast Entry  Person
  8. S&OP Meeting
  9. Sales Management  Team
  10. Sales Planner
  11. Stock Planning  Key User
  12. Supply Planner
  13. Supply Planning  Key User
  14. VMI Planner

The users were created using SECATT from a remote system, but the role creation , profile generation and assigning to users can never be automated using SECATT. They are heavy activities , hence system can throw error which couldn't be rectified

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