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The goal of the integration of production and warehouse management is the staging of products in time, the proper posting of the consumption of the components from the production process, and the receipt of the final products in the warehouse.

In SAP EWM there are two types of Production integration

1)Delivery Based production

2)Advanced production Integration

Delivery Based Production Integration:

For the delivery-based integration, the ERP system creates deliveries for materials to be staged, and also for materials that are consumed, and sends these deliveries to EWM. Quantities to be staged and consumed are entered in ERP, while in EWM, only the physical movement is triggered and confirmed.

Advanced Production Integration:

In the Advanced Production Integration, a production material request (PMR) for a manufacturing order is created in EWM when ERP sends a message containing the information from production. Details about quantities for staging and consumption are controlled with entries in EWM.

In Delivery Based Production there are two scenarios

  • Delivery Based Production with IMSL (Non-EWM Storage location)

  • Delivery Based Production with Two SAP EWM-managed storage locations in one warehouse

In this blog I will explain the Delivery Based Production Integration with Inventory Managed Storage location(Non-EWM Storage location)

Delivery Based Production with IMSL:

MM-IM Managed storage location The product stocks are not managed in the SAP EWM system; they are managed in the SAP ERP system at MM-IM storage location level. Staging is an outbound delivery from an SAP EWM perspective, and, from an SAP ERP perspective, a posting change to a storage location outside of the SAP EWM system

To achieve this we have to go with following steps

1)Create 3 raw materials with MRP View Mandatory

2)Create 1 Finished material with MRP view & work Scheduling view Mandatory

3)Create a storage location which is Non-EWM Managed storage location

4)Create production supply area in S/4 HANA

5)Create work center in S/4 HANA

6)create a Bill of Materials(BOM) for Finished product

7)Create Routing for Finished product

8)Create control cycles in S/4 HANA for Raw Materials

9) Define Delivery Type Determination

10)Define default value for deliveries

11)Set up Stock Transport Order

12)Define Production supply Area in EWM

13)Create a storage type & Bin and upload the stock

14)Define Production supply area storage type(1005 with role 'K') and create bin

15)Assign bin to PSA/Product/PED(/N/SCWM/PSASTAGE)

16)Maintain Production supply area storage type and bin in warehouse process type (2100)

17)BC Sets

18)Mapping Document Types and Item types



1)Create 3 raw materials with MRP view Mandatory

  • 427

  • 428

  • 429

2)Create 1 Finished material with MRP view & work Scheduling view Mandatory


3)Create a storage location which is Non-EWM Managed storage location

4)Create a Production Supply Area in S/4 HANA


5)Create a Work Center in S/4 HANA


In work center provide the production supply area

6)Create a BOM for finished product


7)Create a routing for finished product


Give the Routing number in Finished product in Material Master in work Scheduling View: 50000007

7)Create Control cycles for raw materials(Tcode:LPK1)

Pick Parts:427

The staging Quantity of BOM components is determined based on individual orders in ERP

Release order part:428

The staging Quantity of BOM components is determined based on Mulitple orders in ERP

 Create part Replinishment:429

The staging quantity is independent from orders and materials are not necessarily part of the BOM;staging is executed in EWM when the PSA stock falls below minimum and it will replenished quantity

9)Define Delivery Type Determination

Path:SPRO-->logistics execution-->Extendedwarehousemanagment-->production planning and control-->Define Delivery Type Determination

10)Define default value for deliveries

Path:SPRO--> Logistics Execution--->Decentralized WMS Integration--->Central Processing--->Application--->Inventory Management Interface and Delivery-Relevant Data--->Define Default Values for Deliveries

11)Define shipping Data for plants

Path:SPRO—>Materials Management--- >Purchasing-----> Purchase Order----> Set up Stock Transport Order----> Define Shipping Data for Plants

EWM Configuration

12)Define PSA

Define production supply area Tcode- /n/SCWM/PSA

Path:EASY ACCESS--->SCM EWM--->EWM--->Master Data--->Production Supply Area--->Define PSA

There are two types of mapping 1)replicate or manual you can map


/N /SCWM/PSA_REPLICATE - Replicate Production Supply Area (PSA)



13)Create custom storage type -1IMS

Create a 3 Storage Bins for 1IMS Storage type and upload the stock

14)Define Production Supply Area storage type with Storage type role(K) is 1005

Create a bin

15) Assign bin to PSA/Product/PED



Activate Create part replenishment.

Path:SPRO-->Extended Warehouse Management-- >Internal Warehouse Processes-- Replenishment Control--->Activate Replenishment Strategies in Storage Types

16) Maintain production supply area destination storage type and bin  Warehouse process type(2100)

Maintain the stock removal strategies for 1IMSL Storage type with warehouse process type 2100

Note:Here create part replenishment will not possible in Delivery based Production in Inventory Management storage location

17)BC Sets

18)Mapping ERP Document  and Item types to EWM Document and Item types



To Create Production order


Give the total Quantity and scheduling type is current

Click on Operations and check the work center and control key has assigned in production order

Click on components check the components which are required to become a finished product

Click on release and save it

In CO02

Go to functions--->Do the materials staging—>Select Simulate

And Execute it and save it


Pick Parts Delivery

In the Delivery header level details

In the Delivery Item level details

For Release order parts in Tcode:MF60


Click on Replenishment Element

   Click on stage then it will change in green colour

Release Order Delivery

Click on follow on function---Create warehouse task—Confirm the warehouse task—Confirm the warehouse order

Do the Goods issue for Pick part and release order part delivery

 To confirm Production order:CO11N

To check the material document list with Movement type Tcode:MB51

check the  production order in MIGO

Click on check and post


One inbound delivery will be created with respect to  receipt production


Delivery Header details

Delivery Item Details

Maintain the strategies and keep the material in the final storage type

Confirm the warehouse order


By above configurations and testing now you got an idea how to do Integration  Delivery Based Production with Inventory Managed storage location in SAP EWM


Thanks for your patience to read my blog and give your valuable feedback