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Barcodes play important role in supply chain and  they are used to encode information such as Batch no, Serial no, product numbers in  a visual, machine-readable form.

Warehouse workers use EWM RF transactions to perform warehouse operations like picking, packing, putaway, replenishment, Counting etc. The EWM RF framework supports EAN 128 bar code types for identification and verification purposes.   SAP EWM provides standard function modules to encode various information into single barcode string and decode barcode string containing information into individual fields such as Batch, Product no etc.

In this blog post we will discuss  - how to decode the barcode string having more than 64 characters in SAP EWM using standard EAN 128 decoding function module.

EAN128 Barcode Configuration

Extended Warehouse Management > Mobile Data Entry > Maintain Bar Code Specification

EAN128 Setting


SAP RF transactions use function module /SCWM/EAN128_DECODE to decode the barcode string.

Most of the RF transactions have barcode input field more than 100 char, but /SCWM/BARCODE length is restricted to 64 char, so if the target field is after 64 char, that part will be not decoded properly.

We will be using barcode below barcode string for testing:


Barcode AI mapping with Fields

AI Field  Desc.
10 CHARG Batch
11 HSDAT Date of Production
15 VFDAT Expiration Date
21 SERID Serial No

Possible solution : Build a wrapper FM with below logic and call the wrapper FM in the standard or custom RF transactions.

  1. Check the barcode string length

  2. If length is greater than 64 char, split the string into multiple part such that AI and data part is kept together.  Add the barcode prefix at the start of each line.

  3. Append the spilt parts to the IT_BARCODE import parameter and call the standard FM /SCWM/EAN128_DECODE


Let's take the sample input string.


Barcode string is split into two parts and added to the IT_BARCODE string.


Conclusion: We could address the limitation of barcode decoding with the possible approach discussed in this blog.

Additional Information:

Thanks for reading, please feel free to leave any comments or questions below.

For any RF related query, please post your query to EWM Radio Frequency forum.



Tushar Shukla
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