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It's very common to add customized fields to more closely align with your own business needs. In this article, you will find the method to add customized fields for Documented Credit Decision (DCD) as well as enable it at the SCASE search screen.

Step 1. Enhance at table/structure level

Table SCMG_T_CASE_ATTR is for case general attributes like case ID, created details which used by all cases managed at FSCM like Credit Limit Request or Documented Credit Decision.

Table UKM_DCD_ATTR contains attributes like Business Partner Number and Credit Segment which specific for Documented Credit Decision. At this the table, we're going to add our customized field ZZBILL_COCD company code by insertion at include structure CI_UKM_DCD_ATTR.


Step 2. Populate the customized field by creating BADI implementation

Here we are using BADI: UKM_SE_UKM_DCD_MNTNO and implement the method 'INBOUND_PROCESSING' (BADI UKM_DCD_MAINTAIN can achieve the same).

  • Get sales order number from output parameters OUT by checking its attribute 'DCD_OBJ_ID' which against order number at DCD.

  • Get company code from sales order and populate the company code to this new field which is OUT-ADD_ATTRIBUTES-ZZBILL_COCD.

Step 3. Display this new field at DCD Header Level

After populating the value of this field, we need to display this field at the DCD header level by using configurations SPRO path: FSCM->Dispute Management->Dispute Case processing->Attribute Profile->Create Attribute Profile. (Please note here is not belong to Credit management but dispute management instead.)

Find your attribute profile for DCD, go to attribute group then assign attributes:

Here controls the position where to display this customized field at Header data by setting row number and column number. After this configuration, the billing company code list in column 2 and line 12.

Final step. Display this new field at the case search screen

We need to enable this field as a search field at the search screen by configuration SPRO path: FSCM->Credit Management->Credit Risk Monitoring->Documented Credit Decision->Create Profile for Case Search.

Here the profile we created new profile refers to standard one: FDCD_LOC. Then set this new fields' number for row and column as the last step.

Then we can get this field at case selection screen:


By structure enhance, BADI implementation, and several configuration steps we can add a customized field for Documented Credit Decision (DCD) and enable it at the case search screen. It works at FSCM_CCD with release 617, not tested but very likely the same at S/4 Hana as well.

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