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In this blog post , we will talk about customer consignment process with SAP EWM in S4 HANA 2020.

This process is typically divided into 4 sub parts.

1- Consignment fill-up

2- Consignment issue

3- Consignment return

4- Consignment pick-up


Out of 4 sub parts, only part 1 and 4 touch storage location, so basically only fill-up and pick-up can be set as EWM managed .

So let's concentrate on fill-up and pic-up only.

Consignment fill-up means, we need to take stock out from our warehouse and ship to customer location. Sending party will still be owner of the stock . This stock is managed at plant level.

Consignment pick-up means, we need to stock get back to our warehouse from customer's location.


System settings:

Sales order types: Fill-up KB, Pick-up KA

ECC Delivery types: Fill-up LF, Pick-up LR

Fill-up EWM delivery type: OUTB

Pick-up EWM delivery type: IRET

Based on above , you need to do mapping of ECC delivery types to EWM delivery type and ECC item category to EWM item types.


Rest of the process for OBD and IBD will be as per SAP EWM flow.

Consignment fill-up material document

Consignment pick-up material document



This blog post ends here.

Please provide your feedback and comments to make this blog more informative and productive.




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