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Well, if you use CTM – you will have to use the CTM PDS, but how do we create it? It’s pretty simple, as it suggests – because all here is just a standard which we are going to tweak.

You have some handy options to tweak the CIF behaviour; and the creation of CTM PDS, you may understand, as that it falls under the same umbrella. Just look at the ‘PP/DS PDS Enhancements’ section in SPRO / Integration with SAP components / Integration via APO CIF / App. Specific Settings & Enhancements. Under PP/DS section will you be able to see the BADI where a method is given by SAP for you to allow the CTM PDS to be created.



Go to se18, give the BADI name, create an implementation and change the method (flag and activate) to allow the CTM PDS to get created!

I wonder why SAP has not given this in rather a more flexible way by just ticking some 'check-box' in SPRO :???:

By the way, you can in fact have this PDS immediately transferred to APO by activating a similar method in ECC. Note 1623443 speaks of this with fine screenshots :smile: .