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Cross Line put away with EWM

Ever got from business that system should determine bins in specific sequence rather than just determining with bin name in ascending order? Cross-Line stock put away is the solution.

Let’s understand how it works.

In this example, I created 20 bins under 1 storage type in a sequence as shown below.

01-01-01, 01-01-02 ….........01-01-20.

When the put away task is created, the system will determine bins in a sequence as shown below.

The system is determining bins in a sequence in the ascending order of naming convention.

How to achieve bin determination in a specific sequence number?

Let’s configure activity area and maintain sort sequence for CLSP – Cross line Put away

Perform bin sorting with specific sequence numbers for bins. (In this case I’ve used sorting upload template)

Sorting number updated for all bins.

After sorting with CLSP, if we try to create a warehouse task for the same delivery, the system will propose bins based on the sort sequence number.


If a new delivery is created, the system will again search bins based on the sort sequence number

In these cases, even though PTWY activity area not assigned to bins, we can still create put away tasks and combine tasks into warehouse order with predefined rules.

Sorting bins with PTWY activity will only be useful for travel path optimization but not determining the destination bin. The reason being activity area will come into place only after the bin determination.

Thus Cross-Line put away can help to optimize the bin determination in the put away.

PS: This is my personal observation based on requirements and this blog is based on S4 HANA 2022 version sandbox. Functionality available in older versions also.

Thank you for reading the post, please share thoughts and feedback.

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