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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert


  1. Determination of Crate Part Replenishment separate Item types in PMR document in EWM

  2. Determination of PSA bin from /SCWM/PSASTAGE table when HUs are closed from Packing Work center instead of hard coding PSA bins at WPT


  • When manufacturing order is released having the BOM components, EWM system should be able to determine dynamically separate item types for the required BOM components with separate material staging indicators like Single Orders, Cross Orders, Crate Parts and Non relevant for staging. ECC or /S4 system does not know which are single order, cross order, crate parts or not relevant for staging in control cycle as it only has value, MSI( Material Staging Indicator)=5 Relevant for EWM staging. The differentiation happens on EWM side based on Product or Product Groups.


  • To introduce POSC with Pick( OB01), Pack(OB02) and Stage( OB03) set up for crate part replenishment. The destination Bin, which is PSA bin has to be determined from /SCWM/PSASTAGE TABLE not from WPT or from POSC config.



  1. Separate PMR item Types Types Determination

SAP has given 2 different BC sets for single and Cross Orders. The Item types for Single order is PCSO and Cross Orders is PCCO. To determine, a separate item types for Crate Part like PCCP and Not relevant for staging- PCNS, SAP suggest to copy -Cross Order Staging BC sets only and copy item types accordingly.

Copy the Cross order Item types to PCCP- Crate Part Replenishment and PCNS- Non Relevant for Staging.

Now maintain the entries with different permutation and combination in PSASTAGE table either with Product or Product group based on business requirement.

In the above case, Product groups have been leveraged for Single Order, Cross Order and Non relevant for staging Parts. For Crate Part, Product is used. It purely depends on business case how PSASTAGE table has to be maintained.

Now create a manufacturing order in ECC/S4 system with control cycle=5 as MSI and perform WM staging manually or system can trigger auto staging if configuration at Production scheduling profile is maintained properly.

EWM PMR document successfully categorized the 4 different material staging indicator with Single Order, Cross Order, Crate Part and Non relevant for staging.


Hence the first part is achieved which was conceptualized initially as above


2. Crate Part with POSC- Staging step Bin determination from /SCWM/PSASTAGE table

The Crate part replenishment is primarily used to replenish PSA stock from Pick face locations and it has 2 variants

  • With Pack Spec

  • Without Pack-Spec

This blog is written functionality with Pack Spec for Crate Part replenishment.

Maintain a pack speck with below condition record and configuration


Maintain Product group specific or Product specific entries in PSA stage table. PSASTAGE table can be maintained even without PG or product with blank entries. But as I said, it is purely how business process is.


Execute /SCWM/REPL, system proposed REPL quantity as Pack speck and minimum qty at PSA with WT creation.



Since, POSC is configured, lets see POSC set up. Rule based for OB03 did not work, system was unable to create HU WT from WT closure. So, entries with Storage Type 1000 and Storage section has to be maintained else Bin determination will fail from /SCWM/PSASTAGE table


The first task goes to Pack work center. Perform the picking Step and HU is diverted to Pack Work center

Stock moved to WC. Pack WC 8030.


Perform the packing, create HUS and close HU.


Generate HUs and repack products in HUs. Drag and Drop functionality will not work. Refer SAP 3200416- Quantity cannot be Changed in /SCWM/PACK. 

In /SCWM/PACK, when products are dragged and dropped from different HUs/Bins, quantities cannot be specified for partial removal or packing.

Once packing is completed, please check whether HUS are wired into POSC loop. External step must be wired for all the packing HUs.


Close the HU and declare the packing step. HUs must be marked with completed step and internal HU WT for packing must be triggered.


Last, check the destination bin which is determined for Staging( OB03) step.


Hence the destination Bin for Crate Part replenishment gets determined from /SCWM/PSASTAGE table. Same works with Single Order PMR with Pick, Pack and Stage steps.

However, for Cross Order staging with POSC has limitation. For calculation of the staging quantity only those WTs are considered that have destination Bin in PSA. Intermediate Storage Bins are not taken into account. There is a badi to alter this requirement.. /SCWM/EX_MFG_STAGE_INFO, can be invoked so that business can adjust the selection of Stock and calculation of staging quantity as per needs. Please go through SAP Note- 2352810-FAQ-Using the PMR-Differences Between PMR and Deliveries.


Thanks for reading the blog. Any suggestions or corrections required will be highly valued.


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