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Configuration of Intraday bank statements- cash flows

Assumption: reader has basic knowledge on memo records and planning types.

Note: This document shows the configuration for SAP S/4 Hana 2020 version. You might see slightly different screens if you are on higher versions of S/4 Hana



You can receive one or multiple intraday bank statements from your banking partner in a day. These intraday bank statements depict the debits and credit transactions in your bank accounts. Ideally these bank statements are received in BAI2 format from bank which are uploaded in SAP using a standard program: RFEBKA00. This program will only upload the statement and will not post anything from this account. It will just create a memo record which we call it as ‘Intraday memo records’ these memo records are automatically created in the system once the intraday bank statement is uploaded. These memo records are identified with intraday planning types and are set to auto expire in 24 hours in an ideal business scenario.

Below is the screen print of program used to upload these intraday bank statements in the system:

Further below we shall see the configuration required for intraday bank statements:


Create planning type specific to intraday bank statements:

Path: SPRO>>FSCM>>Cash and liquidity management>>cash management>>memo records>>Define planning types

Create planning type for intraday memo record, make sure you set auto expire indicator this planning type:

Define memo record settings for bank statements

Path: SPRO>>FSCM>>Cash and liquidity management>>cash management>>memo records>>Define memo record settings for bank statements


Define default planning type for intraday statement- you define this to create memo record from bank statements. Here assign the planning type created above. You will assign the same planning type in house banks too. This will help system determine the planning type for memo record.

Define monitoring rules for intraday bank statements- these rules can be different for each banking partner and can have different calendars in these rules. It entirely depends on business requirement.


Assign the rule in house bank using manage bank accounts app.



Call transaction FF_5, use below selections to successfully upload the file in the system


Hit execute. This will upload the statement in the system and generate the memo records in the system. To view the memo records open Fiori app ’Manage memo records’


To reconcile these memo records use ‘reconcile cash flows-intraday memo records.


Error handling:

if you cannot see your memo records in the reconcile app, then check in FEBKO table to make sure the statement is uploaded with application ‘0004’

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