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In the outbound process, the warehouse worker/resource wants to pick you pick a group of products consolidated in a single warehouse order for warehouse process optimization purposes using RF devices.

The warehouse workers/resources can perform the picking in a single trip. This will reduce the time taken and improve the warehouse processes using RF devices.

This process is very useful when the warehouse resource can pick up multiple products at a time.

This is a very simple configuration set up which helps to improve the efficiency of the warehouse resources using RF device.

The system also directs the HUs into respective destination bins after picking all the HUs for the further actions.


  • Decentralized EWM and Embedded SAP S/4HANA 1709 Onwards.

  • Application Component – SCWM-EWM-RF

Refer the below link for the Combined Picking using RF features

Combined Picking Using Radio Frequency (

Note – This functionality was configured and tested on SAP S/4 1909 Embedded. 

Configuration Steps:

  • Define Combined Picking Profile

    • IMG Path - SPRO-IMG- SCM Extended Warehouse Management- Extended Warehouse Management - Mobile Data Entry- Define Combined Picking Profile


    • Steps –

      • Run the transaction code SPRO and then follow the above path to display the below screen.

      • Definition of Combined Picking Profiles – Click on new Entries and then maintain the below information.Note: The consolidation group and Serial number checkboxes are selected. These are not considered.

      • Criteria for Determining Combined Picking- Select the combined picking profile and double click to display the below screen. Maintain the below information.

      • Determination of Combined Picking Profiles – Double click on it to display the initial screen and then maintain the information per your requirement by clicking on new entries.

      • Save the changes in a customizing transport.


        • Create a sales order and then corresponding outbound delivery.


    • Create picking warehouse tasks either automatically or manually. The warehouse tasks were created manually in this scenario using the warehouse monitor.


 Warehouse Tasks

Warehouse Order

    • Perform the picking activity using RF device -

      • Login to the RF device with all the required information and follow the path: Outbound Processes-Picking- Picking by WO and scan the WO.








      • Scan all the HU associated with the Warehouse Order one at a time (4 in this case).

      • Once all the HUs associated with the Warehouse Order are scanned and confirmed, then the system displays the below screen with the destination bin information for the further operations.

Note: The system prompts with the below screen for each of the HU picked and confirmed earlier. This can also be changed to confirm once for all the HUs associated.

  • Continue the further operations as needed to complete the goods issue process.

Useful Links:

  1. Combined Picking using RF

  2. What's New - Combined Picking Using Radio Frequency

OSS Note(s):

  1. 2302444 - RF Combined Picking: Single Pick Confirmation for Total Number of HUs


With this functionality, the effort of picking and GI will be reduced, and the warehouse resources can be utilized efficiently, and the processing time can be reduced.

Note: This activity can further be improved with additional configurations. It will be shared in a separate post to make it simple and clear.

Your suggestions/feedbacks are highly appreciated. There are few more articles on the way. Please follow my profile for the new blog posts related to latest features provided by SAP.

Do you have any further comments related to this topic? Do share them in the comments sections below without any hesitation. You can also ask questions in the SAP EWM Master Data Community Q & A Section

Note – All the images are created by me and free to use/share.


Thanks for your feedback and support for the other articles.

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