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This blog is aimed at explaining how the consumption posting delivery for production supply can create erroneous goods movement record, which technically called as COGI( Controlling Goods Issue) in SAP PP which itself is a transaction code as well.

Explanation and its Integration to SAP EWM:

COGI entries are created when manufacturing order which are marked as ''Backflushed items'' in master data( Material master, BOM, routing or settings in confirmation parameter) are unprocessed during manufacturing order confirmation and failed goods movement create an additional record which calls for COGI clearance.

EWM-PP-Integration storage location from which Consumption is posted is EWM managed

In EWM-PP-Interface, ERP system generate a consumption posting delivery when backflushing while confirming the manufacturing order. This consumption posting delivery  is distributed to the EWM system. The outbound delivery order in the EWM system is not relevant for picking. The system posts goods issue immediately upon creating the outbound delivery order.

However, due to insufficient stock at PSA or missing batch, system creates a COGI entries. There may be various reasons as well which I will not disucss here as there many available documents are present in SAP community.

This blog will primarily focus how to set up COGi entries when storage location in question is EWM managed.

Staging of Orders and why COGI entries from PSA.

It is very important to understand why components once staged to PSA, still incorrect COGI is created despite stocks from Warehouse to PSA for the manufacturing order.

For pick parts in SAP ERP(Material staging indicator=1 in Control Cycle), system creates a separate outbound delivery item for each manufacturing order. In SAP EWM, this item has a reference to the manufacturing order.  There is a reference between manufacturing order in ERP  and warehouse task in EWM and it can be used for printing as well.

Once the warehouse task confirmation is done, the stock is not reserved for this order. Stock can  be used it for any manufacturing order. That's the 1 core reason of shortfall  of quantity which creates an entry in COGI.

--> If business has a requirement of stock reservation for each staging items, they have to use Advance production Integration using staging of components by PMR( Production Material request).

 Single-order staging(Pick parts) can be utilized to create warehouse tasks for each PMR separately. After the warehouse task confirmation, the stock is reserved for this PMR item. If business wants to use the stock for another manufacturing order,stock needs to be released.

We will not discuss the Advanced production Integration in detail as this will be part of latter blog series, only delivery based production this time.

Replications Steps:

  • Create an order and do WM staging.The storage location is EWM managed.



  • Check the delivery created after production order release in VL06O.



    • Check the delivery created my manufacturing order.


  • Once staging outbound delivery is created, it is distributed to EWM and WT is created based on PPF settings.

--> It is necessary to have PSA Bin assignment entries in /SCWM/PSASTAGE - Assign Bin to PSA/Product/Entitled for trigger staging of pick part items in EWM

So, after WT confirmation, products will be staged to PSA 1001006 as below.


  • Check the stock in PSA 1001006.

  • I have moved stock of material to 101155563 to some other PSA to create COGI entries


  • Confirm the production order CO11N. save the confirmation.



  •  Check the Production order Goods movement tab. Only, 1 item is consumed.


  • Check COGI. Faulty goods is marked as Goods movement posting failed in SAP EWM.


  •  Check the consumption posting delivery in /SCWM/PRDO

Delivery is created for 2 items, one item is posted with ZERO quantity and GI status is comped. One is GI posted successful.

The settings for consumption delivery OPC to trigger COGI is derived from Adjust Quantity. If system is unable to find the sufficient stock in PSA, it post zero quantity in delivery and update delivery status as completed.


  • Go to COGI, and correct the manufacturing order quantity as per available PSA quantity and push the COGI


  • Check the new entries created in /SCWM/PRDO.

-->The faulty component has been successfully posted with creation of additional delivery document in header.


  • Check the documented goods movement in Production order. 

Both items have been posted now and COGI is cleared.



Issue faced in Batch managed items and Vendor Consignment

  • For a production order, you have batch managed material components which are backflushed items. It may happen that during manufacturing order confirmation, a consumption delivery is created for the backflushed components with EWM storage location. If there is no batch determined for these components in ERP, components are still included in consumption posting delivery. These components are processed not correctly as ''Zero Quantity of component is posted with  delivery status as Completed and no COGI entries are created.  COGI entries are blocked due to batch not determined.


  • Some components are in Vendor Consignment stock and some are in own stock in SAP-  PP-EWM Integration. Requirement is that during production order confirmation,vendor            consignment stock should be consumed with Stock determination functionality. If there is no consignment stock, own stock should be consumed. However, problems arise when even there is no stock in both the above categories,  still a consumption delivery is created in ERP and queue is stuck in EWM.


Solution: SAP Consulting note 1947584 -( Backflush confirmation is sending items to EWM incorrectly) recommends for using an Implicit enhancement to create COGI entries. Implicit enhancement should be done at the end of Method IMSEG_TO_KOMDLGN_MAP using class /SPE/CL_EWM_MAN_SERVICES



With this modification, the consumption delivery is created without batch manged items and COGI entries are created for those items which are batch managed whose batch determination doesn't happen in ERP.

For consignment stock, after implementation of this code, COGI entries will be created for no stock items as well.


Hence the COGI PP-EWM-integration topic ends here. I will wait for your comments and improvements to make this blog more productive.


SAP KBA 2353305-Partial Goods Issue posting fails for consumption Goods in EWM


Best regards

Shailesh Mishra



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