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TM uses SAP GUI for most of technical and consultants transactions and SAP Netweaver Business Client (NWBC) for most users transactions. In this post I would like to share with you some basics of this web UI technology (NWBC) foundation and some insights of what could be done mostly regarding screen layouts. I hope this may help to clarify some of the enhancement options available for TM screens.

Each “transaction” on TM NWBC (we do not have transaction codes on NWBC) is a Foorplan Manager (FPM) application. FPM is the framework that supports TM UI, ABAP Consultants use the FPM configuration editor (FLUID) to create/edit screens, it worth to mention that the feeder classes are the link between what you see on the screen and data in the system (BOPF).

How to change User Interface on TM:

  • User personalization

  • FPM customizing

  • Create new UI

User personalization

Theses changes can be made by the user itself but it is user specific, cannot be transported and has limited flexibility.


Drag and drop

You can drag and drop tabs on the NWBC, like shown below:

You can also hide fields or tabs right clicking on them, choosing the option "Hide".


When you create a personalization a new entry is created on the “Technical Help” screen

If you click on the link you can manage the personalizations, for example deleting the personalizations for all users.


Once you do it, the personalization is gone


FPM customizing


These changes can be transported and are valid for all users, but changes are limited.


  1. NWBC

Access NWBC through SAP GUI menu, right click on the field “Technical Help”.


  1. Access Technical Settings and click on the component configuration link.

  2. Change url from configure to customize to go to the FPM editor


  1. Create a new ABAP component using the component name and creating a new one, the component and configuration ID can be retrieved from the “Technical Help” screen.


Click on the button “New”, name your configuration and here we can see a cool functionality, you can choose among create it locally or transportable.


  1. On this screen you can for example hide some field on the main page


  1. Afterwards you can also delete your customizing screen if you will (list of personalizations or delete directly from the same screen depicted on the step 3).

Create new UI


The ABAP consultants can create a new Web Dynpro application which can be assigned to pcfg roles or to the document type configuration, in this example the forwarding order type.

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