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In this blog post I would like to discuss about batch change during warehouse order confirmation  done using RF

Exception code describes an exceptional situation in a warehouse. An example which is covered in this document is that during picking, if the proposed batch in a bin cannot be reached.  The forklift driver has to pick another batch to fulfill the customer requirement.

To pick a different batch, the user has to enter the related exception code (in the warehouse order confirmation RF screen or desktop) for ‘batch change’ which then sends a communication to the system.

SAP has provided many standard exception code which is defined at the warehouse level. If the user has to pick a different batch, then the exception code ‘CHBA’ must be entered during warehouse order confirmation.

Make sure that the exception code CHBA is assigned to business context ‘TPI’ with internal step 02 for desktop and 05 for RF.

Test execution in system:

Below are the steps which will be executed in EWM system

Step Description Tcode Remarks

Create a sales order in ECC

2 Create an outbound delivery in ECC VL01N The batch determination doesn’t happen here. The batch determination happens in EWM system during the creation of warehouse task. Upon saving, the document is replicated to EWM system
3 Create the warehouse task (for picking) /SCWM/PRDO Go to ‘Outbound delivery order’ select ‘follow on functions’ and then select ‘warehouse task
4 Confirm the warehouse order using RF /SCWM/RFUI

Path: Outbound process- Picking- Picking by WO.

Before confirming batch number, enter the exception code ‘CHBA’ to change the batch number.

Confirm the other entries and save the warehouse order

Execution with screen shots:

Create a sales order and outbound delivery in ECC:

The batch determination does not happen in the outbound delivery in ERP, the batch is updated back into the ERP system, once the warehouse order is confirmed from EWM

Create the warehouse task and open the RF to confirm the warehouse order:

Confirm the WO using RF:

Enter the exception code to change the proposed batch number

Confirm the new batch number picked by the user

Save the warehouse order with the new batch number

After saving the warehouse order, check the outbound delivery in ECC.

I wish this blog post helps understanding exception codes for changing the batch number using RF. Thanks for reading the blog post.

Best Regards