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Introduction: In real time businesses, we may come across few cases where the bin capacity- Weight is more, and you can accommodate with less weigh of the material or vice versa.

To understand better, assume your bin capacity is 1000 kg and each product weight is 1kg, but here the obstacle is you cannot put more than 500 qty (Volume constraint). In such situation instead of bin I would like to go with product capacity usage.


Let’s see how we can achieve in SAP.


  1. Maintain Capacity Usage in Material Master (MM02) or in Transaction – MASS


Go to MM02

Click on additional data


How we have derived the above values ?


  1. How to calculate Capacity Usage

1PC = 1PC

1 CARTON = 4 PC  i.e.   8 CAR = 32PC’S

Assume that business wants to keep only 8 CAR in storage bin ( 8 Cartons= 32 pcs will occupy the full of the bin)

To maintain capacity usage as per business

To PC’s = 100(Total Capacity in bin) / 32 PC à 3.125

To CAR = 100(Total Capacity in bin) / 8 CAR à 12.5


  1. Maintain total capacity as 100 , as we said above.


Provided Early capacity check is ticked in the storage type configuration.



  1. Create purchase order with 100 qty (ME21N)

Here 100 PC = 25CAR

  1. Create Inbound Delivery (VL31N)

  1. Let’s see put away warehouse tasks

Warehouse task is created as per capacity usage from the material master, not as per the bin capacity.


Conclusion: I hope you have understood how capacity usage will work in EWM side while put away in bin.

Please leave a comment for any clarification or a query. Thanks!

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