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SAP continuously improvising the functionalities in EWM to simplify the processes in every new release. One such functionality is synchronous goods movements.

This blog explains the benefits of synchronous goods movements in production consumption for single order staging related components.

In older versions, if a material is treated as single order staging relevant component, consumption using backflush is not possible. The reason being, when the material is staged for PMR, stock will have reference of the PMR.

If we try to perform the production confirmation, consumption delivery will be created and distributed to EWM to perform the direct goods issue from PSA Bin.

Component consumption will fail even though stock available in PSA bin

Enable synchronous movements at production scheduling profile

After the synchronous movements are enabled if we try to process the COGI error, we can see the goods movement posted for the component.

Along with consumption of single order components, synchronous goods movements will also provide flexibility of not generating deliveries there by reducing back and forth communication between ERP & EWM.

Another benefit is the clarity of the error message. Before synchronous movements, we don’t have the proper visibility of the failures in COGI. But with synchronous movements, we can get the exact error information. This is same irrespective of staging method in EWM.

This functionality will work only with embedded EWM but not decentralized EWM.

PS: This is personal observation based on pain points in older versions and this blog is based on S4 HANA 2022 version.


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