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I was recently going through the blogs/documents posted on SCN.  I see so many useful documents/blogs which could benefit to all.  There are countless documents in different areas which are always handy to brush-up our knowledge. Here in this document I have tried to put some of them which could be very useful in daily life. Feel free to add new documents by adding them in comment area and I will add to this document. I hope this gives a lot of benefit to all experts as well as newbies.

Demand Planning

Forcast Consumption and Reduction in APO System

Options To Delete CVC from DP and Infocube

Step by Step Process to Release Forecast from APO DP to ECC

Improve Performance of DP related processes

Data Extraction from Planning Area to Backup Info Cube

APO DP - Forecast Model Parameters: First-Order Exponential Smoothing

APO DP - Forecast Model Parameters: Second-Order Exponential Smoothing (Holt and Winter's)

APO DP - Forecast Model Parameters: Second-Order Exponential Smoothing (Holt Model)

Demand Planning Add-In for Microsoft Excel

Forecast error calculations in APO DP

How to Load Data into Planning Book from Flat File

Fiscal Year Variant and Posting Periods Configuration in APO

Collaborative 'Demand Planning +' with Business Suite 7.0

Duet with Demand Planning Process

A Practical Guide to MLR Forecasting in APO Demand Planning

Demand Planning Specific mySAP Supply Chain Management (SCM) 5.0 Release Notes

The Role of Functional Teams in Optimizing SAP APO Demand Planning System Performance

SCM 7.0x - Demand Planning (DP) forecasting using KISS

Real time Characteristic Value Combination (APO DP) Validation with ECC


Macro Workbench Version Management in SAP APO

How to Trigger an Event Using APO Planning Book Macro

Hello, macro (1)

Hello, macro(2)

Hello, macro (3)

Macro Examples SAP SCM APO

Documenting and commenting APO macros

Interactive Solution for Complex Calculations in DP Planning Book Using Macro BAdIs


SCM Core Interface- Handbook (PART-1)

SCM Core Interface- Handbook (PART-2)

Automating CIF Postprocessing Record Analysis

Automated CIF Postprocessing Record Analysis - Part 2

Automating CIF Delta Report Reprocessing

APO EEWB - Version Dependent Extra Fields


SNP Configuration Steps for Planning Area and Planning Book/Data View

Third Party Order Planning with SNP

Fix ‘Initial’ Period Column in SNP Planning Book

Resource Conversion

APO SNP - Master Data Automation

Tailor-making of SCM SNP Deployment Heuristics – Technical Insights

Document:SNP Deployment Heuristics - Consideration of Demands at the Source Location

Product Interchangeability in APO SNP

Supply Network Planning (SNP): Deployment and Transportation Load Builder Scenario 1 - Fair Share Ru...

Supply Network Planning (SNP): Deployment and Transportation Load Builder Scenario 2 - Push Rule by ...

Supply Network Planning (SNP): Deployment and Transportation Load Builder Scenario 3 - Fair Share Ru...

How to force 100% Resource Utilization in SAP APO Supply Network Planning Optimization-Based Plannin...

How to Plan With Constrained Storage in APO Supply Network Planning with Optimization-Based Planning

How to Plan Campaigns in SAP APO Supply Network Planning for a Steel Plant

Rules-based Product Substitution (Down Binning) with Capable To Match (CTM)

Supply Network Planning Optimizer Feasible Solution for Different Production Costs in Network

CTM – Concepts, Demand Prioritization and Supply Categorization

Extended Safety Stock Planning in Capable-to-Match (CTM)


MRP-based Detailed Scheduling and Subcontracting

3rd party subcontracting process in PPDS

Co-Product Planning in SAP APO

Adding custom columns via /SAPAPO/RRP_IO_COL as of note 1709784

PP/DS - Search Terms for effective SAP Note and KBA Search

Improvements in Production Planning Heuristics Logs in SAP APO (Part- 1/3)

Improvements in Production Planning Heuristics Logs in SAP APO (Part- 2/3)

Improvements in Production Planning Heuristics Logs in SAP APO (Part- 3/3)

Alternative Resources Functionality in APO PPM/PDS without having Alternative Sequences in R/3

How to Debug the Background Planning Task in SAP APO Production Planning/Detailed Scheduling

SCM7.0 PPDS Cross Plant Deployment (New Functionality)

Determine Setup ID in APO by Characteristic Values

Contract Manufacturing Procurement  in Supply Chain Management


Global Available To Promise (GATP) Overview

Product Availability Check

Rule Based ATP with Exclusive Rule Strategy

Rules-Based Availability Check Overview and Steps to Configure

GATP Product Allocation Settings

Enhancing the BOP Filter with custom fields so as to run the BOP in a flexible way

gATP/Rule based/ Enhanced Customizing

Backorder Processing (BOP) run on orders with custom ATP categories

Configurable Process Scheduling (CPS) Used in Transportation and Shipment Scheduling of GATP - Part ...

Multilevel Available To Promise (MLATP) with Rules-Based Component Substitution   

GATP - An Adaptive Feedback Supply Chain Control System potential - Part 1

Understanding the technical stuff in SAP APO gATP module


Mass Uploads in SAP APO using Function_Loader_Inlay

Guide to APO Interfaces

Automating Planning Run Batch Results

APO Alert Monitor


How to trace Livecache in APO

How to read order details from the liveCache with FM /SAPAPO/OM_ORDER_GET_DATA

Performance Optimization in SAP APO


SAP Spare Parts Planning ( SPP ) in a Nutshell

Service parts Planning - Inventory Balancing

APO SPP Manual Adjustment of Demand History - Do's & Dont's


How to close a discussion and why

Finding Transport request

Tip: how to find out the correct component when raising OSS messages

How to find the suitable notes/KBAs

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