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This Work Instruction document explains with an example how can be setup and used the Alert Monitor in APO.

1. The Alert Monitor

You can use the Alert Monitor to monitor whether your application is running without problems.


  • Allows the planning by exception
  • Is a tool which allow planners to monitor the state of material
  • Based on the monitoring process, the plan can be readjusted whenever necessary

2. Alert Priorities

There are three possible priority levels:

3. Setting up the Alert Monitor

  • Access transaction /SAPAPO/AMON_SETTING   

  • Create the Application Profile:

  • Choose the Alerts and define the Planning Book / Data View and Selection Profile used in the determinations of the Alerts. Note that the Selection Profile should be previously created for the corresponding Planning Book / Data View.

  • Create the Overall Profile:

  • Assign the Application Profile to the Overall Profile:

4. Using up the Alert Monitor

  • Access transaction /SAPAPO/AMON1

  • Manage your Favorites Alert Profiles

  • Redetermine the Alerts

  • Click the checkbox on Selection to review alerts in below section..

5. Append

You will need to create an Activity (/SAPAPO/MC8T) and a Job (/SAPAPO/MC8D) to execute all your Macros in your Planning Book.

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