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Dear All,

In this blog will be seeing how to Activate aATP Process and How to Create BOP Job Run using Fiori Applications to Re prioritise Sales Orders based on Strategy in the BOP.

Now let's Focus on what is aATP and BOP before going into Activation & Configuration parts.

SAP has introduced aATP with its 1610 release Advanced Available-To-Promise (aATP) with new functionality to execute order fulfilment and improve supply chain processes in a better way compared to classic ATP.

Before going Further Let's see ATP Vs aATP

Basic Available to Promise (ATP)

  • Simple product availability check

  • Basic allocation check

  • Manual material determination

  • Semi-manual plant substitution

  • Material-/plant-based backorder processing for sales orders

  • Simple transportation and shipment scheduling based on days (and hours)

Advanced Available to Promise (aATP)

  • Backorder processing with intuitive requirement classification

  • FIORI Applications for Release for Delivery

  • Mass enabled fast availability check

  • Use-case-driven product allocation check

  • Intelligent and automated selection of best confirmation considering alternative plants and substitutable materials

  • Easy-to-use and device-independent ATP explanation and simulation app

  • Advanced transportation scheduling.

What is Back Order Processing

If A customer requires a product XX Immediately and Customer B order is committed with available stock.

To address this type of Supply Vs Demand BOP is used.

Supply:- Stock, Production Order etc.

Issues:- Sales Order, STO(out bound) Schedule Line Agreements.

Now Let's see some Key Innovations which are released part of 1809 Release.

  1. Product Availability Check:-

  • Promise what you can deliver / Avoid over-confirmation Fast turn-around time during online check

  • Support of Segmentation you can include customer - specific stock segment

2. Product Allocations:- 

Product Allocation Sequence can create product allocation sequences which can be used to confirm requested quantities during availability checks for sales orders and stock transfer


3. Back Order Processing:- 

  • Support for stock transfer orders

  • Supply Assignment

  • usability improvement for SAP UX

  • Simplification improvements for the creation and maintenance of BOP Variants have been introduced

  • New SAP Fiori Applications to create and schedule jobs for BOP


Now let's get into the Activation Process of aATP

Available-to-promise (ATP) stock is the uncommitted portion of a company’s inventory and planned production, used to support order promising for a customer order. The ATP quantity is very different from the available stock quantity. For example, perhaps there are 100 total pieces of stock for a product, but 80 pieces have already been committed to other sales orders or internal production. In that situation, the ATP quantity is only 20 pieces, which can be promised to new sales orders or new requirements.

To Activate in Configuration --- OVZ2


Checking Rule and Scope of Check Remains Same of Classic ERP

Strategies in BOP

The slide picture below demonstrates how each strategy can acquire inventory from the lower-priority strategies.

1) WIN:

▶Confirm as requested

▶Shall be fully confirmed in time (the most important customer orders) 

2) GAIN:

▶Improve if possible

▶Shall keep the confirmations and should gain if possible (orders that cannot lose the  earlier confirmations)


▶Redistribute and Reconfirm

▶Might gain, might lose (orders that can lose confirmations)

4) FILL:

▶Delete confirmation, if required

▶Shall not gain anything, should keep confirmation, but may also lose (non-priority customer orders)

5) LOSE:

▶Delete confirmation

▶Shall lose all confirmations (orders under credit block)


We now proceed to BOP Application that will create the parameters to decide what inventory is allocated to certain sales orders. The first BOP app, Configure BOP Segment,

These segments will filter and sort data per the selection criteria documented.

There are a host of standard options available, such as Sales Organization, Document Type, Date Ranges or Plant, providing broad flexibility in segment creation. Once complete, a segment may appear as per below Snaps, where we are selecting all orders shipping from the Supplying Plant 1710.

Fiori Applications


Configure BOP Segment:-

In Selection Criteria You can Give Selection condition with a basic code for Ex:- "Delivery Prior. of the SalesData of an ATP Document is equal to '01'

and also you can prioritize Attributes as well.


Configure BOP Variant:-

In BOP Variant will Assign BOP Segments which we created as per requirement.


Schedule BOP Run:-

In Schedule BOP we need to give the Variant which we created using Segments and Run the Job

Once Job Run is completed we can check status in Monitor BOP Run App

So From Above Snap, you can see from Sales order "14" Quantity has been Pratroised to Sales Order "15".


In this Way, We can Pratroise Order Based of Customers Requirement Vs Inventory.


We can use aATP with BOP to Praitotise the Sales Orders using different Strategy in BOP like

WIN, GAIN, REDISTRIBUTE, FILL & LOSE based on the customers and business process.

without losing a good customer for a delay in delivery with this aATP with BOP we can full fill all requirements of Different Customers with positive feedback
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