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Automate your inventory process, from reconciliation to reporting

Real inventory management is at the core of supply chain management brilliance. Yet our understanding of inventory management practices in many respects still has a long way to go. In fact, it is really in the past few years, that the unswerving link between inventory management efficiency and corporate cash flow generation has been well construed. Today, many if not most of the supply chains are facing huge challenges with the conventional inventory processes:

  • Growing global scope and reach must be managed.

  • Increasing virtualization, resulting in loss of visibility and control.

  • Challenges resulting from multi-channel go-to-market strategies.

  • Stuck with excel sheets to manage inventory.

  • Require statistical analysis for demand forecast.

  • Inability to track departed stock levels automatically primes significant delay in procurement and by this means delivery.

Thus, companies realize that effectively managing inventories at a time is no longer good enough. The challenges must be tackled more holistically, considering tactics and tools that can tame the growing network inventory beast in a way that brings those inventory levels down while maintaining or even improving customer service levels.

Mobilize your inventory management system to reduce inventory carrying costs
Streamline data processing on receivables, and reduce number of FTEs for cycle counting

Going mobile has revolutionized enterprise inventory management. Most companies have either already mobilized or are actively working on a solution to go mobile. The benefits of developing mobile inventory management apps for asset-intensive businesses are numerous. Corporations who are slow to adopt mobile technology into their systems are not only losing a competitive advantage, they are also losing revenue on out-dated workflows and processes. The benefits of going mobile are too many:

  • Improved efficiency and lower margins.

  • Promote overall productivity with significantly shortened work cycles.

  • Eliminate most inter-department paperwork, taking inventory, and receiving to the warehouse.

  • Reconcile missing assets onsite with an easy-to-use visual contrast of collected and original asset data based on tag number, serial number, or asset ID

  • Save time and improve accuracy of data.

How do you interpret the best mobile inventory solution for SAP?
Efficiently capture the attributes to find the best fitting solution

  • Eliminate complex configurations and maintenance activity

Organizations with a large user base need a solution that is easy to setup and requires careful consideration for selecting the correct solution. The company’s IT team looks to reduce the time wasted in configuring and maintenance activities. Also, eliminating the huge installation and maintenance costs. Companies are gradually exploring ways to integrate their existing ERP systems with some good commercially feasible mobile solutions to handle excess of inventory transactions on the fly without even the need for its users to access their desktops. Against this framework, a good SAP mobile inventory solution can fit seamlessly, effortlessly syncing with the SAP server to recover and process transactions as well as set up a unified communication setup.

  • Reduce operational costs with your purchasing decisions

Streamline and optimize your organization’s inventory resources, saving time and money. Cost plays a vital role in influencing your purchasing decisions. Choose a mobile solution that is reasonable, which is affordable for the costs related to maintenance, upgrades, and sales support. Achieve an innovative inventory management solution without a huge investment. Investing in a good SAP mobile inventory solution can efficiently help you manage inventory, saving a great deal of time and money.

  • Remove redundant and inefficient manual processes for overall process efficiency

Organizations are looking to invest in the solution that can comprehensively address the multifaceted requirements of its users, within the broad scope of SCM and logistics. Choose a solution to perform day to day inventory transactions including tracking the status of the stock at your warehouses/plant at a given point of time, process goods receivables, stock issues, inbound/outbound transactions, and asset transfers. A solution that ensures real-time transaction processing, enhanced data accuracy and improved mobility and convenience.

  • Enable multiple customizations as per your business requirements

One of the key requirements is the ability to compliantly accomplish unlimited customizations with simple SAP configurations. Whether you want to add/remove new fields, modules or even change the business logic, you should be able to easily achieve it. Enabling your IT teams to leverage time on other operational efficiencies over recurring configurations.

  • Gain features that improves your ROI

A virtuous solution should offer real-time inventory tracking that helps you to have a good grasp of accurate inventory levels and data. Enable viewing your stock levels or generate reports for quick decision making. Additional advantage is the integration of the bar code technology to help in swift tracking of assets to evaluate what stock is in hand and where it must be moved to confirm stock optimization and purging of wastage.

  • Innovapptive’s mInventory (mobile inventory management) solution

Aligned with SAP’s mobile strategy, along with its own proprietary tool RACE™ (Rapid App Configurator Engine)

Innovapptive’s mobile inventory application enables users to perform common inventory transactions through handheld devices, smartphones, and RF scanners. The users do the transactions at the point of use on their wireless device which results in real-time transaction processing, improved data accuracy and increased mobility and convenience.

The mInventory solution is an SAP Certified solution for supply chain management that helps you make more informed decisions and improve your business operations-while reducing expenses. Also, you can ensure that your store or delivery managers process inventory transactions from any location in either offline or online mode. mInventory can even work in places where Internet access is intermittent or non-existent, and helps you seamlessly switch between online and offline modes.

The most important feature of mInventory, wherein you can scan bar codes, RFIDs and QR codes of various assets to get started with the asset inventory reconciliation process. In other words, by scanning and geo-tagging the assets, you can get the complete details of an asset to process a series of inventory transactions such as posting a goods receipt, verifying the availability of stock, updating the stock details at plant/warehouse/bin, performing cycle counting and much more to mobilize and streamline your SCM process.

RACE™ helps you achieve simple configurations

RACE sits on the SAP Netweaver gateway and works at the backend to let you activate or deactivate specific transactions, add, or remove data fields, map custom fields and much more with simple clicks pertaining to any app that you want to customize. The net result is you have an app with a customized UI (say for example (mInventory) ready that perfectly matches your business requirements, without the need to change a bit of the code. This simplicity in customizing SAP mobile solutions provides a strong value proposition and dramatically improves the overall TCO and ROI, thereby enhancing the overall customer experience to the next level.

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