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While creating STO system is throwing error as

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Dear all,

I have a proble with STO.While creating <b><u>STO Stock Transport Order with Delivery via Shipping</u></b> getting error as maintain the shipping data for material.

1.have maintained the material for both the plant.

2.then chosen suplying plant as vendor.

3.after that above error is coming.

and the error msg is taking me to the SPRO>IMG>Materials mngnt>Purchase order>Set Up Stock Transport Order>maintain shipping data for the plant.

but am bit confuse with this setting kindly pls help me in this regard for the SPRO settings and how/what to maintain in >maintain shipping data for the plant.

Thank you all

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Vijay Hi,

As you are using the logistic shipping for STOs , go and create shipping point for the supplying plant in IMG > Enterprise structure >Definition> Logistic execution.

After creating shipping point you need to assign that to your supplying plant in

IMG > Enterprise structure >Assign> Logistic execution

hope that will resolve your query.



P.S Pls award points if you find this answer is useful.

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Dear Mr.Bhat,

Thanks fr ur reply,hovewvr i have done the STO by using plant 1300 and 1000 in this case plant 1300 is supplyng vendor and 1000 is rcvng plant.

But when i do the outbound delivery t code Vl1ob,i can able to execute but no document number is coming at all and also no error msg is coming pls help me in this issue.


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The thing is in the PO item detail am not gtting any <u><b>shipping data</b></u> tab.

pls tell me what could b the remedy problem for this,and tell me the detailed process if u hav.