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What is the Arbia API to search for a purchase requisition?

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I am looking for an API that I can use to search for a purchase requisition that is on Ariba either by

1. PR title

2. PR submitter

I see there is this Approval API but I am looking for a general API to search for PRs. There seem to be one for POs but I couldn't find one for PR

Thanks for the help.



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Hi Ravi,

I hope you are well, please check this link , I believe it has the information you need.


Nilma Piedade

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Developer Advocate
Developer Advocate

ravishankarp1000 , you can use the Operational Reporting APIs ( to retrieve Sourcing Requests. I'm assuming that your ERP is integrated with Ariba and when the object is synced to Ariba it will create a Sourcing Request.

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Hi Ravi

Ariba APis are very limited and do not exist for all scenarios

Purchase requisition is not released yet it seems

What you need to do is if you need that open a support ticket and they might assist you but chances are they would ask you to use whats available

You can verify this when you login to the Ariba developer portal if you dont have access to that as well raise with the support team



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You can either use either of the two. I'd recommend investing in the Operational Reporting API -- if it makes sense -- since it gives more data and is up-to-date (there's a lag on Analytical Reporting). Additionally, Analytical Reporting can always be retrieved via the UI so you're not getting any 'new' data (not sure exactly what your requirement is):

I'd suggest looking into the Operational Reporting API in the following sequence:

  1. View Management API /metadata - use this to get the metadata for the Purchase Requisition object. This will give you all the fields that are available for that object
  2. View Management API /viewTemplates - use this to get a list of all the standard views for your realm. Look for the one that's already setup for Purchase Requisitions. There should be one that's selectable by last update date.
  3. View Management API /viewTemplates/{viewTemplateName} - this will give you the metadata on a specific view. You'll probably find that you can't select/search directly for PR title and Requisitioner in the out of the box view.
  4. View Management API /viewTemplates/{viewTemplateName} - you can use the same one to create a new view template. I suggest taking the OOTB view, copying its details, and adding additional fields and selection filters as required (e.g. see if you can add PR title, PR ID, or Requisitioner as selection filters). The documentation should spell out which fields can be used in the selection.
  5. Job Submission API /jobs - use this to submit a request to search for the PR's based on your selection filters (PR title, PR ID, Requisitioner, etc -- whatever the system allows you to use)
  6. Job Results API /jobs - use this one to retrieve the results of the query you submitted in the last API call

You can also use the Operational Reporting for Procurement - Synchronous API instead of the Job Results API if you're building an external app that needs an immediate response.

If you can't select for the fields you mentioned (PR Title, Preparer, Requester), you may have to use the Analytical Reporting API instead. It all depends on your scenario.

Hope that helps!