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Vendor replication using BBP_VENDOR_SYNCH not working.

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Hello experts!

I have just configured the automatic vendor replication for SRM 5.0 (ECS being used). In our case, it is conected to a single ECC backend system.

Basically I followed these simple instructions:

<a href="">Configure BBP_VENDOR_SYNCH</a>

However, after I create a vendor in the backend system, it is not being replicated, even though the job is being executed correctly

configured parameters in SRM-SPRO:

- Make Global Settings

- Create new vendors also <checked>

- Carry Out Address Comparison to Determine Duplicates <not checked>

- Organizational Unit in EBP for the Vendor <vendor node in PPOMV_BBP>

- Vendor Number Assignment Type <Only assign R/3 Numbers>

- Define Settings for vendor Synchronization per Backend

- Order = 2

- LogSystem = <backend logical system>

- Vendor role = LI <---- not sure if this is correct tried different approaches such as LF, VN, etc and still didn't work

- Creditor Sel- = <blank>

- No PchOrg = <not checked>

- Local Purchase Org = <blank>

- Currency = <blank>

- Info Number as D&B Number = <not checked>

We created a vendor in the backend and when the job is executed (the job is executed correctly), I check the log using BBP_SNEW_SYNCVD, but it says "No Vendors Found to Display.", and the vendor is not replicated into SRM.

What might be the problem?

This seems to be a pretty simple process, but it's not working =(

Other than transaction BBP_SNEW_SYNCVD, I don't find any other log...

I appreciate any comments!


Gilberto Gallardo

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<b>Please go through the follwoing links / pointers / SAP OSS Notes -></b>

Note 1028641 - R/3 Vendors flagged for deletion not updated in SRM

Note 1029497 - BBP_VENDOR_SYNC: vendors cannot be updated

Note 811408 - Replication (vendor/plant) from R/3 Release 4.7

Note 944775 - BBP_VENDOR_SYNC: vendor is not replicated

Note 823629 - EBP Vendor Replication from R/3 BBP_VENDOR_SYNC

1039409 - BBP_VENDOR_GET_LIST3: Update BP data by archiving flag

Note 944775 - BBP_VENDOR_SYNC: vendor is not replicated

Note 953682 - BBP_VENDOR_SYNC: Vendor replication

Note 796706 - Vendor change transfer: Communication data

Note 778330 - EBP Vendor Replication from R/3 BBP_VENDOR_SYNC program

Note 762769 - Changing the transmission medium for e-mail and fax

Note 996746 - Performance BBP_SCAN_VD

Note 923886 - CD: DB2 poor SQL performance

<b>Links -></b>

<b>Related Info -></b>

You can create Business Partners:

-either via middleware replication from R/3 to SRM

-either manually directly in SRM web transaction using BBPGETVD Transaction.

There was some bug in the bbp_vendor_sync program which has been fixed.

All the vendors which were created and updated immediately were not getting replicated through this program. Only vendors which were created (not updated before the scheduled batch run) were replicated in EBP. Pls. refer to OSS 944775.

Using the vendor synchronization report BBP_VENDOR_SYNC, with a variant. Did you check this variant:

- "From last update" checked

Are the missing vendors new R/3 vendors ??

If yes, dDid you check your customizing "Settings for Vendor Synchronization":

- "Create New vendors Also"

Did you check the log in SLG1 ?

Do let me know.


- Atul

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Also see the foll note:

Note 823629 - EBP Vendor Replication from R/3 BBP_VENDOR_SYNC



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BBPGETVD (Initial upload)- is a transcation to run inital upload for vendors and should be run only once.

Once all the vendors are downloaded intially, subsequent vendor changes and the new vendors is taken care by Vendor_SYNC (Subsequent download).

Vendor_Sync is a program which can be shcedule as a background job for changes and new vendors.

Note that only vendors assign to purchasing ORganisaiton are transsferred.

FI vendors which are not assign to the purchasing org cannot be transferred.

ALso check the number ranges settings .



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