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Vendor license for SRM

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if i have e bring a new vendor into SRM, what info i should get from vendor and how this process is done.

pls. give a detailed explanation or any links.



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Answers (2)

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There are 2 common ways to bring vendors to SRM.

1. Download your existing vendors in ECC MM to SRM.

Here you need to run the TXN " BBPGETVD" and give relevant pur org, logical sys etc.

All the data maintained in ECC vendor master (XK01) will be transferred to SRM.

A new BP can be created for ECC vendor or you can keep existing vendor code

Once BP is created you can create contact persons of vendor for log in to SRM

2. Through Supplier registration:

propective suppliers will fill their info on the self registration screen on ROS client

purchaser can accept or reject this prospect

after purchaser can send him questionnaire as per the product category

and receive the responce

once accepted the prospects can be transferred to EBP client

Here they will get SRM BP nos

Administartors can link them to backend vendors in "manage business partners"

contact persons will be created by admin



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I am unable to understand your question completely.

What do you mean by "bring a new vendor into SRM" ? Are you referring to "Bidding" process or need to replicatea new vendor from some other back-end system ?

Please do let me know in next reply...

Incase you are referring to buy SRM licenses, then go through the following pointers below ->

Do let me know.


- Atul